Jack Franks, Mark Beaubien Fail to Support Abortion Clinic Standards Bill

Thanks for Illinois Review for the preliminary roll call you see here.

Sixty votes are required to pass a bill. This bill establishing standards for aboriton clinics fell three short. Two could have been provided by McHenry County legislators.

The bill would raise standards a bit over those of veterinary clinics.  It would require abortion providers to meet the same requirements as all other free-standing surgical centers.

Drafted by the pro-life legal group Thomas More Society the bill says that “if a woman has an abortion, she should be going to a place that can ensure it has the proper medical equipment and properly trained staff who can help if the abortion goes awry,” according to LifeNews.com. “The bill amends the state’s Ambulatory Surgical Treatment Center Act to ensure that surgical abortion clinics are held to the same standard as any other outpatient surgical center.”

House Bill 3156 is sponsored by State Rep. Darlene Senger of Naperville.

On the first attempt to pass the bill, the vote was 57in favor and 51 opposed. An additional 7 legislators cast a “present” vote, which is the equivalent to a “No” vote because 60 “Yes” votes are needed to pass a bill.

When a bill does not get the necessary number of votes to pass (60), the sponsor has the ability to put it on what is called “postponed consideration.”  If the House Speaker is so inclined, he can allow a second vote.

When I served in the Illinois House in the 1970’s the Speaker would provide the sponsor with a copy of the tentative roll call.  By 1993, the start of my second eight years, Mike Madigan had decided he and specially-favored legislators would have access to that information.

Fortunately, folks have become smart enough to take photos of the roll call of failing bills before the roll call disappears into the bowels of the Speaker’s Office.  That’s what someone did above.

I was one of the first to take a photo of a roll call.  It was of the Illinois Human Rights Act one time when it failed.  Those who voted for the legislation who did not want their constituents to know were really disturbed.  Suzi Bassi from Palatine comes to mind.

Jack Franks

Mark Beaubien

There are three representatives whose district cover part of McHenry County.  Only one voted in favor of the legislation. He is Republican Mike Tryon.

Democrat Jack Franks voted “No,” and Republican Mark Beaubien is shown as not casting a vote.

Both were endorsed by Personal PAC, probably the most rabid pro-abortion political action committee in the nation.

Planned Parenthood has none of its facilities licensed and inspected by the Illinois Department of Public Health.

The not-so-recent inspection records of license abortion clinics in Illinois can be found here.

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I learned at Saturday’s reapportionment hearing that Rep. Beaubien is seriously ill.


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  1. Clinics fall under the auspices of hospitals which in turn receive their accreditation (code for inspection) from the Joint Commission on Accreditation of Healthcare Associations (JCAHO). This is a private sector organization that give accreditation, checks credentials of all health care providers through a thorough inspection process. Why oh why then would we need the state to get engaged?

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