Operation Click Awards April 21st

Crystal Lake Policeman Sean McGrath on ABC in 2008.

The program to entice high school students to fasten their seat belts that started in Crystal Lake will hold its annual awards luncheon at D’Andrea’s Banquets at 10:45 on Thursday, April 21st.

That’s what Crystal Lake Policeman Sean McGrath, the non-paid President of the not-for-profit organization told me the day the hearing for Mercy Hospital was held at city hall.

“Saving Students One ‘Click’ at a Time” is the group’s slogan.

Students are rewarded during the year when they are stopped by police and have their seat belts fastened.

If 90% of students at a high school are found to have buckled up, a student from the school gets a chance at winning a car.

Does the program work?

Take a look:

From 65% seat belt compliance to 95% buckling up in Crystal Lake high schools! This is a program that works.

Show me another teen safe driving program that can produce results like that.

This voluntary incentive program is better than any law that has ever been passed.

The Barrington/Hoffman Estates Chapter and Libertyville/Wauconda Chapter will be on Friday, April 29th at the Sears Center as part of the Chicago Slaughter Indoor Football Game. If you have questions or interest in attending, contact Sean McGrath at 815-482-8885.

The 2008 awards ceremony. Sam Oginni, sponsor and owner of Crystal Lake Buick-GMC is seen on the left.

In 2008, ABC Channel 7 did a story explaining the program that can be found here.



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  1. the job title for the gentleman is “police officer.” Check with the human resources department at the City of Crystal Lake and you will find they hire women. Only those with anti women attitudes and the uninformed still use the terms ‘policeman’ and ‘fireman.’ Stop hating women and join the 21st century

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