No Action on Riverwalk at McHenry City Council

Word from a Friend of McHenry County Blog who attended the McHenry City Council meeting Tuesday night says that the proposed revised agreement with developer Roy Blavvise was not approved.

McHenry Mayor Sue Low

“Mayor Low didn’t have four votes, which she needed with all seven member present.

“A year and a half ago when they let the original developer, Curtis Commercial from down your way out of the obligation to build the three level parking garage which they forgot to get a performance bond from him for, she put it on the agenda at a meeting when two members were not there, (preplanned skiing vacation in Colo), so with a quorum of only five she just needed three votes to get it crammed through.

“If just one member is absent at next meeting, she only needs three votes because she gets to vote to make or break a tie.  3-3 and the tie breaker gets it done.”

Last week’s story is here.


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