Walsh Holds His Own Again, This Time with ABC’s Christine Armapour

Freshman "Tea Party Stars" Steve Southerland (R-FL) and Joe Walsh (R-IL) at the beginning of Christine Armapour's ABC Sunday interview show "This Week."

Four freshman Tea Party Republican “Stars” were interrogated by ABC’s Christine Armapour Sunday morning.

This Left Stream Media host relentlessly pushed the left wing agenda of the Barack Obama Administration. You can find the entire nine-minute video here.

A shorter, three-minute version put on YouTube is here.

One of the four was the 8th Illinois District’s Joe Walsh. The others were Steve Sutherland (R-Florida), Rep. Allen West (R-Florida) and Rep. Renee Ellmers (R- NC).

About raising the debt limit, Walsh replied, “I wish they got as excited as all of the debt that they are piling on the backs of our children and grandchildren.”

“Business as usual in this town is no longer going to exist,” Walsh said concerning raising the debt limit. “The American people sent us her because in a large way they recoiled about all this spending here.”

“There’s got to be something structural on the spending side,” Walsh added, referencing the Balanced Budget Amendment he recently introduced.

Florida Republican Allen West argues that Federal spending should be no higher than 20% of Gross National Procduct. He said President Obama is on track to see 24$ to 26% of what we produce being spent by the Federal government.

“I don’t believe in leadership by fear and intimidation,” former member of the Armed Forces West asked for automatic spending cuts when the debt ceiling was being approached.

Rep. Renee Ellmers' degree in nursing made her the natural person to

Rep. Renee Ellmers, a Registered Nurse from North Carolina, defended the changes in Medicare to “save Medicare.”

“It saves money for Medicare over time and actually increases coverage.”

The Moderator then pushed for the Administration’s goal of higher taxes.

“You raise revenue by growing the economy,” Walsh replied.

"You raise revenue by cutting taxes," Joe Walsh told the ABC audience.

“Every time we’ve cut taxes, revenue has gone up,” Walsh said as moderator Christine Armapour insisted that taxes had to be raised.

"Every time we cut taxes, revenue goes up," Joe Walsh said.

She came back for a second bite and Walsh calmly criticized “your profession hasn’t gotten on him more,” allowing him “a re-do.” Why the pass for President Obama for not leading on entitlement reform.

Reporters don’t answer questions, of course, and she didn’t defend the indefensible.

"I may lose 2012, but I'm not going to lose me in the process "Steve Southerland (R-FL) told the ABC audience.

“Great leadership means you sometimes have to take hits…I may lose 2010, but I’m not going to lose me in the process,” Florida’s Southerland said, concluding the show.


Walsh Holds His Own Again, This Time with ABC’s Christine Armapour — 9 Comments

  1. A true farce. The blogashere’s are lambasting Walsh for his remarks. Out of touch with mathematics that is for sure.

  2. Once again for those who don’t like to hear it (Democrats)

    Democrats held the House, the Senate and the Presidency and still didn’t come up with a decent budget last October.

    Democrats are still hemming and hawing, and refusing to recognize the ocean of red ink drowning the country. Pout, stomp, they want everything and they want it now….like a bunch of two year olds.

    Here’s an unusual way to look at things – instead of saying “I have x amount of money to play with.” Grow up and say “We have x amount of Taxpayers’ money to spend wisely.” That said, try it this way, Priority #1 is the safety of the country (armed services) Priority #2 is probably food and water – let’s stop with dividing up the money to all of the current entities with their hands out. Some of those entities are now obsolete, somone’s personal “kingdom”, etc. Even those which are true needs may still have to be cut. The taxpayers money cannot be all things to all people.

    In your household, you need safety, food, a place to live and so on. Sad, but true, music lessons, video games, professional manicures and dye jobs are (shhhhh) luxuries. So are vacations and golf, and big birthday parties.

    C’mon world = learn what real priorities are.

  3. This is really a must see for those on either side of the aisle but especially for Michael Moore types. The tax the rich folks. I’d like to see his response. Anyway. Highly entertaining. I hope you will pass this around. You surely won’t see it on NBC.

    It takes a couple of minutes to get off the ground but when it does…..It sure makes one wonder.

    Cut and paste into your browser.


  4. Poor Joe Walsh, still can’t answer a direct question. The man barely wins the election and everyone form one of the richest counties in the state thinks he’s a hero.

    Joe Walsh will be a one term pain in the ass congressman. Who hopefully won’t do to much damage to this country before he gets ousted.

    It’s time the rich, like those of you in McHenry start paying your fair share in taxes. Enough of loop holes and takes breaks for the rich. Bush and Reagan both said the tax breaks would create jobs, and all they did was create a deficit.
    We crawled out of the deficit Reagan created only to be put back into another deficit by Bush. And now the Tea Party, with their insane budget cuts will only cause even more finical problems.

    But what does McHenry County care your the ones who voted in a judge who, on his own accord, is going to cost the taxpayers hundreds of thousands of dollars on a witch hunt. And you voted in a sheriff whose law suits are going to cost you hundreds of thousands of dollars.

    Now you voted in a congressman who is going to cost the entire country money and jobs. It was bad enough when you did it to yourselves but now your going to cause problems across the country with your votes. Shame on you Mchenry.

  5. LCTRUTH…ok I played yours, now click on the link above (the second one works). or the short URL nelow.

    Basically you tax the rich people think taxes are the way out. You could take ALL The profits of EXXON, Wal-Mart, and the ALL the profits all Fortune 500 companies and it would ONLY pay the OBAMA DEBT through February 9th of the calaendar year. You can not tax our way out of this debt. There must bve reductions.

    Politico would like the USA to become a socialist country with money taken from the people that earned it and redistributed to those that suck this country dry.

    Here is the short URL that takes you to the Youtube. The first two minutes is slow but when he opens the calendar it makes a succinct point.


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