Fleming Road’s New Protection Celebration Saturday at 1

The sign invites people to the Fleming Road Alliance’s 1 PM Saturday Celebration.

The following press release found in a McHenry County email explains a celebration being held Saturday afternoon by those who don’t want county government to turn Fleming Road into an eastern truck bypass for Woodstock.

Historic Preservation Commission
Road Dedication

Amongst the blooming daffodils on Fleming Road is a sign reading, "Daffodils NOT Asphalt."

The McHenry County Historic Preservation Commission will be dedicating Fleming Road in Bull Valley, IL as McHenry County’s 8th Scenic Road.

When:    Saturday, April 30, 2011 at 1:00 p.m.

Where:   Near the intersection of Fleming and Bull Valley Roads.

Please park park along the shoulders of the road to avoid the grass and plants.

Oaks that would presumably be removed if the County Trasnporation Department's plan to widen Flrming Road is implemented.

Click here to view the dedication ceremony program!

Click here to learn more about McHenry County Scenic Roads and the McHenry County Historic Preservation Commission!

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I am told that the owners of the Right-of-Way, that is the property owners along Fleming Road, have dedicated a conservation easement to a conservation organization.

"Cut Speed NOT Trees" says this partically obscrued yard sign.

But they have done something else, as well.

They have also dedicated the easement to the Village of Bull Valley.

I am told that one governmental unit cannot condemn land within the boundaries of another one.

If so, that would seem to checkmate any county government ambitions to seize property through eminent domain proceedings so as to turn Fleming Road into a thoroughfare wider than residents desire.


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  1. As a property owner along Fleming Road I want to pass along a great thanks for all the hard work that the Fleming Road Alliance done on our behalf. I am sure most people in The Village of Bull Valley as well as the public in at large feel the same.

    Great work and Thank You.

    Bjorn Mattsson

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