Face the Nation Features Mark Kirk and Joe Walsh

Bob Schlieffer and Joe Walsh

I didn’t see the whole show. In fact I missed U.S. Senator Mark Kirk completely on the Bob Schieffer-moderated Face the Nation.

But I did catch the end of the show when Congressman Joe Walsh was told by Schieffer that he was a “fav of the Tea Party Movements” and ask how the Republicans were treating him.

Walsh pointed out that the Tea Party movement is comprised not just of Republicans, but of Independents and Democrats. He listed a litany of words that characterized members of the movement, including “frustrated.”

Joe Walsh on Face the Nation

Then he said that he was being treated fine.

In much more eloquent words, of course.

Saturday, both Kirk and Walsh held a Town Hall Meeting at Christian Faith Fellowship Church in Zion.

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Here’s how Walsh described what happened:

“He asked me 2 questions, one about the debt ceiling and one about the influence of the tea party movement.

“On the debt ceiling I said

  • we shouldn’t raise it,
  • the administration is trying to scare the American people with it, and
  • we need to do something historic as a prerequisite for raising it like the balanced budget amendment I’ve sponsored in the house.

“On the tea party movement, I said they’ve had great influence on the process, and defined who the tea party is.”


Face the Nation Features Mark Kirk and Joe Walsh — 4 Comments

  1. I saw the entire show. Typically I never watch CBS news shows but thanks to the heads up on your blog I tuned in. Both Walsh and Kirk spoke very eloquently and I feel made a good impression.

  2. I was stuck in traffic and missed the whole show. However, I was at the Zion meeting. I was more interested to hear if Joe Walsh would tell his story about a senior needing a hip replacement and why bother with this procedure, as that’ll only prolong a life and cost med dollars and SS checks. Witnesses. Kirk was not there at the time.

    This whole repub/tparty plan is nothing more than a nationwide scam. Think, tpartiers earn what, about $30,000/year? And they’re satisfied with that? Why not. That’s enough to keep them in beer and chicken wings. And, if almost graduating from high school was good enough for them, it’s good enough for their kids. That’s a tpartier.

  3. Mimi,
    Entertaining story, however a cursory reading of the healthcare law (oxymoron, I know) would help you understand that the ‘reform’ leads into the exact scenario that you describe, with the same results… and I’m pretty sure that the healthcare ‘reform’ law was not a Tea Party product.

  4. While 57% of registered voters sat home last November, perhaps Walsh’s election is a blessing in disguise. Moderate Republicans and Democrats are beginning to wake up. Comments whenever he is covered are generally lambasting him. His appearance last week on ABC had over 6000 negative comments on a leading news site.

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