Gas Much Cheaper in Belvidere

Gasoline is a lot cheaper in Belvidere, but there is the distance one must drive to fill one's tank.

I wouldn’t have filled up my tank in Crystal Lake yesterday had I known I was driving to Belvidere today.

Look at the price per gallon.

Less that $4.00.


Of course, Belvidere does not have the RTA Sales Tax and the plethora of Home Rule Sales Taxes that we have in Algonquin, Crystal Lake, Lake in the Hills and McHenry.


Gas Much Cheaper in Belvidere — 7 Comments

  1. West here and in Boone County they don’t have to have the Chicago Metro gas formula. It’s always a dime or 15 cents cheaper. We go to Rockford every two weeks and usually fill up over there.

    Also as of last night just over the line in Wisc gas is still $3.89. 22 cents cheaper than Harvard.

  2. Did you know in the Summer of 2008 when we last went through this, the price of a barrel of crude was $165. Today it is $113. Tell me this is not about speculation and oil companies padding their bottom line.

    While it hits all of us in the pocket book, this is the only time we seem to take looking for alternatives seriously. Maybe it is time that we tax the heck out of oil companies and begin a serious dialogue regarding alternative and sustainable energy. Where is T Boone?

  3. LCTRUTH, my ideology is that BP is manipulating the gas prices to make up their lost profits due to the oil spill and the other companies are just riding the profit wave. A barrel of crude is not even close to where it was in 2008, yet prices are right there. Additionally, supply and demand are not the issue as we have an excess in supply.

  4. How three years changes mindsets. Before it was all G.W. Bush’s fault. Cheney and his relationship with Halliburton. The media kept hounding Bush about what he was going to do and how it was his fault. The medias love affair with Obama stinks. Watch the business programs and this is directly correlated to the devalued dollar and the inflated Gold prices

    As far as taxing the oil companies, they all ready pay 500 Billion combined. (Sales tax included) You could take all the profits and assets and not touch the problem. Play this YouTube

  5. I spend a fair amount of time traveling. Prices for a gallon of gasoline in Collierville, TN this morning is 3.59 at Kroger.

    Draw your own conclusions regarding the tax layers.

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