Tonigan Wants Out as Special Prosecutor

Special Prosecutors Thomas McQueen and Henry Tonigan hold press conference. Robert Scigalski stands to their left. Photo by Pete Gonigam, First Electric Newspaper.

With a motion by Terry Ekl to dismiss him and his assistant Special Prosecutor Thomas McQueen from his task of knocking McHenry County State’s Attorney Lou Bianchi out of office pending, former Judge Henry Tonigan is pleading family obligations as his reason to withdraw from his lucrative assignment.

The motion Terry Ekl will argue Thursday.

In a motion filed Monday, April 25th, Tonigan says that his 86-year old father has an unnamed medical condition that requires his attention, that his sister can’t help has her own serious medical problems and has moved from his abode to California.

Tonigan proposes that assistant Thomas McQueen take over the role of Special Prosecutor.

The hearing is set for Thursday, April 28th at 10 AM, the same time that Ekl’s voluminous motion to dismiss both prosecuting attorneys is to be heard.

Tonigan and McQueen put on such a poor case against Bianchi and his assistant Joyce Synek that Rockford Judge Joseph McGraw dismissed the case on a motion for a directed verdict before the defense had put on any evidence.


Tonigan Wants Out as Special Prosecutor — 5 Comments

  1. So, let’s recap.

    Tonigan and the ‘Mouthy Midget’ ride into my town, “Sesame Street,” then try to destroy one of our ‘honest and courageous’ public servants, Lou Bianchi

    The big bad judge and the ‘mouthy midget’ get their “Collected Bullying Selves” kicked over to “Main Street” by “Oscar” in the “Rumble in the Garbage Can!”

    Then, I, “Big Bird,” as mayor, opened up a big ole can of “WhoopAss,” and splashed it all over these two visiting “Village Idiots….”

    Now, one of these cowards, after making sure he emotionally destroyed a good and decent man along with his wife and children, costing them God only knows how much in family finances,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,

    Is now making up excuses for why he can’t hang in “Sesame Street” any longer. (I’m sure Kevin Lyons will print a reason)

    Put the old man in a nursing home Judge and come face the final curtain.

    You obvious are a master liar. Make up a story that will affect your own family why don’t you? Tell Daddy you have a big bad man to put in jail before you can change any diapers.

    You Tonigan, and the “Mouthy Midget,” tried to put a good man in his early grave by holding a public witch hunt.

    Then, you and the “Mouthy Midget” tried to perform a public exorcism along with a personal and professional crucifiction, all the while ‘pillaging “We the People!”

    Run you “Cur,”

    “Forgive them Lord, for they know not what they do. They are fruit of the Devils poison tree!

    Lou Bianchi may God remain at your side…………The Evil are running! Just as they always do.

    Another “Cur” is about to run away as well.

    Looks like Good vs Evil wins again.

    Be gone you Coward, and take “Minnie Mouth” with ya!

  2. Cal, we the residents of “Sesame Street” have just been made aware of a quickly developing situation regarding this case.

    As Mayor of “Sesame Street” it is my duty, to inform all citizens that possible replacements for the “Skipper” are beginning to line up!

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