The Trials of Island Lake

Island Lake and Grafton Township have a lot in common.

There are two sides that cannot abide one another.

Sharon Hyde at the time of booking after her arrest.

There is a difference, however.

In Island Lake, the Lake County State’s Attorney has indicted Island Lake officials over the years.

Besides Sharon Hyde, wife of the former village president who ran the village day care center and is charged getting paid for hours she did not work, the Daily Herald  describes the players like this:

  • Thomas Hyde on misdemeanor battery charges for a physical confrontation with a man — who may be called to testify at Sharon Hyde’s trial — at a party in December 2009. Thomas Hyde was acquitted of forgery charges regarding his handling of a liquor license after a 2009 trial.
  • Former Village Trustee Richard Garling

    Former Mayor Charles Amrich is awaiting trial on charges he steered village vehicle maintenance to a gas station he owned during his 20 years in office.

  • Christine Becker, the village clerk from 2001 to 2005, has pleaded not guilty to charges she destroyed village computer files the day after she was defeated for re-election.
  • Former village trustee Rich Garling is due to appear in court April 27 on misdemeanor battery charges based on an alleged confrontation with a village resident at a meeting in 2009.
  • Karen Luebbers, the village recreation department administrator, was charged with misdemeanor battery in January and is scheduled to appear in court May 9.

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