Bianchi Special Prosecutors Weave Impropriety Charge to Dump Judge Who Dissed Their Case

It’s hard to get dumped on more than Special Prosecutors Henry Tonigan and Thomas McQueen was by Winnebago County Judge Joseph McGraw.

Three days before McHenry County State’s Attorney Lou Bianchi’s lawyer Terry Ekl’s was scheduled to go before Judge Gordon Graham, acting on behalf of six Bianchi supporters, to ask for Tonigan’s and McQueen’s dismissal, basically for incompetence, Tonigan asked permission to withdraw due to his father’s health problems.

The high-billing Thomas McQueen, apparently taking it for granted that Judge Gordon Graham will let Tonigan out of the case Thursday morning, filed a motion on April 26th asking for McGraw to recuse himself based on, at minimum, an appearance of impropriety.

What Special Prosecutor Thomas McQueen desires.

The source of the information behind this motion?

Would you believe a blog?

A new one called McHenry Leaks, whose first post was Saturday, April 16th.

The information on the blog represents significant research into nooks and crannies of the legal infrastructure which it is hard to believe were not found by an attorney.

There is no name attached to the blog.

McHenry County State's Attorney is seen posing as an Appellate Prosecutor's award is presneted to State Rep. Frank Mautino (D-LaSalle County). The photo was published on the McHenry Leaks blog and included as an exhibit in Thomas McQueen's motion to get rid of Judge Joseph McGraw, who delivered a directed verdict dismissing McQueen's charges against Lou Bianchi and his assistant Joyce Synek. Bianchi is on the right hand side of the photo.

So, with someone else doing the research, McQueen is trying to intimidate Judge McGraw to withdraw from the case.

The blog cites McGraw’s income disclosure form from 2010 which shows he must also file with the “States Attorneys Appellate Prosecutor.”

It appears that McGraw was paid $3,125 for being an instructor at a seminar in October, 2010. He spoke the first day, October 25th, at the end of the day on the subject of “Pre-Trial Motions” and was paid $625 a day for the five-day seminar.

The records posted show he had been a paid instructor going back to 2007.

Thomas McQueen. Photo credit: First Electric Newspaper.

McQueen notes that McHenry County Assistant State’s Attorney Michael “Mich” Combs was also a panel member at the October conference. Combs was in the Winnebago County Public Defender’s and State’s Attorney’s Offices before coming to McHenry County.

McQueen admits he does not know what relationship the two had.

Bianchi, however, has recently names Combs as a witness in his criminal case, McQueen reveals.

Chicago Sun-Times coverage of this story from Thursday.

McQueen next notes that the Special Prosecutor for the Amy Dalby case, was David O’Connor and O’Connor was on the faculty and was “Training Director” for the Appellate Prosecutor’s Office.

Publicist Dan Curry, McQueen notes, is also on contract with the same agency. Curry has provided public relations services to Bianchi and Ekl.

Not stating the amount of money that McHenry County pays the Appellate Proseccutor’s Office to do what McQueen and Tonigan have billed over $300,000 for, McQueen characterizes it as “a significant amount.”

I’ve heard the figure McHenry County pays the Appellate Prosecutor’s Office is $30,000 a year.


Bianchi Special Prosecutors Weave Impropriety Charge to Dump Judge Who Dissed Their Case — 2 Comments

  1. Okay, so I see these “Special” Prosecutors are still basing a ‘case’ on everybody and anybody who might have ever looked at Mr. Bianchi.

    This is even worse than the ‘cousins’ conspiracy theory!

    So, let’s try this on for size if were talking about photo ops and men talking to men, which seemingly no longer means simple conversation, rather, we now need to redirect Websters dictionary to define a conversation between ‘acquaintances’ as “Conspirasations.”

    Based on this silly motion, how can we define the relationship between Assistant States Attorney Thomas Carrol, who has also spoken and even is employed by McHenry County States Attorney Lou Bianchi, and, Judge Gordan Graham.

    I mean we have all seen the parade photos of Judge Graham, who ordered the special prosecutor to investigate Mr. Bianchi, sitting on the back of a convertible automobile ‘allegedly’ owned by ASA Thomas Carrol.

    Did Graham and Carrol ‘Conspire’ in any Quid Pro Quo, “Hey Judge, I want Lou Bianchi’s job, if you appoint a special prosecutor to go after my boss, I will let you ride in my ‘cool’ car for your Campaign. No charge!

    Assistant States Attorney Thomas Carrol ‘allegedly’ admitted to another ‘friend’ co-conspirator, that indeed, he, Thomas Carrol, wanted Bianchi’s job.

    So, now we have (3) men attached to this case, engaging in “Conspirasations.”

    Now we bring in more ‘players’ that could be looked upon in the exact same fashion as the motion (theory) Mr. McQueen is trying to sell the good Judge Graham.

    Sheriff Keith Nygren.

    Has Sheriff Nygren EVER spoken or had his photo taken with Judge Graham? We know he has, we have all seen it. A photo of the two men shaking hands at a Judge Graham Funraiser, right?

    We also know Nygren became a vicious political enemy of S/A Lou Bianchi, and in fact, and we also have the photos to prove this next fact.

    That being, Sheriff Nygren supported, from the very bowels of his tax payer funded office, Mr. Dan Regna.

    SO, using the context of McQueens argument, we now have at least (5) “Co Conspiracations.”

    When does it end, where are the lines drawn between simple human interactions, friends supporting friends, innocent photo ops between candidates, community leaders and supporters…?

    We apparently if we use this troubling case as a point of reference, must refer to all family gathers, and all fund raisers, and any and all social gatherings as “Crime Scenes.”

    Also, it appears that an ASA who engages is “Plea Bargaining” talks, is also engaging in “Criminal Acts” on behalf of his boss? So let’s begin to round up every single defendant who has engaged in such negotiations and re-charge them for “Conspiracy to suppress” evidence.

    This has gone beyond the realm of insanity.

    The sad part is, since most of this never see’s the light of day in mass media, those not involved in the ‘inner blogdom” will never truly know how their hard earned money is being spent.

    Nor will the general public truly know that indeed, ‘lynching’ and ‘pilfering’ is still alive and well in McHenry County.

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