Gary Sexson II, New Lakewood Trustee

Jeff Idean and Gary Sexson ran a joint campaign as both their signs and literature distribution demonstrated.

Trying to clean thing up from the election, I found Gary D.Sexson II’s literature.

It was distributed at the same time as Jeff Iden’s .  Iden beat appointed Trustee and former Village President Julie Richardson.

The two also shared sign sites for the most part.

Sexson was one of the people running unopposed for four-year terms.  You can see from the results that he ran first in that race.

The only candidate who distributed literature for the four-year term ran first. The other two--Ken Santowski and Carl Davis--were running for re-election.

So, to put all the literature on the internet, you can see Sexson’s below:

Gary Sexon II's campaign literature.

Sexson is an orthodontist by profession and has lived in Lakewood for 9 years.

As far as issues go, he came out in favor of

holding developers responsible for impact fees “to lessen the Village’s responsibility for infrastructure expenses”

  • “cautiously developing the intersection of Routes 176 & 47 to benefit local residents, such as adding a gas station at this intersection, which would increase the village’s sales tax revenue”
  • protecting “open space and recreational areas”
  • being “fiscally conservative with the Village’s monies and treat(ing) the Village as a well-run business”

= = = = =

While neither Iden nor Sexson directly attacked the SportsPlex, the literature of both failed to mention the controversial development, leaving room for voters opposed to it to think they opposed it.

Both also hit on the property tax issue with Iden going after Richardson big time on fiscal responsibility.

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