Illinois State Chamber of Commerce Praises Mike Tryon

A press release from the Illinois State Chamber of Commerce:

State Representative Mike Tryon Named “Champion of Free Enterprise”

Springfield, Ill. – State Representative Mike Tryon has once again been named a Champion of Free Enterprise by the Illinois Chamber.

Mike Tryon

Each year the Illinois Chamber recognizes those legislators whose voting records most support the business community with their Champions of Free Enterprise Awards.

“If employers are to change the culture in Springfield, they must educate themselves on the record of their representatives and hold them accountable for it,” said Doug Whitley, the Illinois Chamber’s President and CEO.

“We believe the Chamber’s legislative ratings are an effective tool in this endeavor, and legislators whose defense of free enterprise and the furtherance of economic opportunities for Illinoisans deserve our recognition. Representative Mike Tryon knows what it takes for employers to be successful and he is working to address the number one problem in our state, which is creating more jobs.”

The Chamber’s ratings are based on legislators’ votes on the key business legislation in the General Assembly. The votes in the Senate and House are selected based on their impact on the business community and, to a lesser extent, the gap between opposing views on the issue. The votes are weighted accordingly. In cases where more than one roll call was taken on a bill, the most significant vote impacting the resolution of the issue has been selected.

Legislators with Illinois Chamber ratings averaging 85% or better over the previous three General Assemblies have demonstrated their commitment to legislation that frees the entrepreneurial spirit and therefore qualify for the award.

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