Privately-Financed Dream Act Scholarships Draw Palatine Tea Party Ire

The Palatine Tea Party has taken offense at the votes for the Illinois Dream Act by eleven Republican State Senators.

The eleven are Althoff, Bomke, Brady, Dillard, Duffy, Tom Johnson, Murphy, Radogno, Sandack, Schmidt, Syverson.

Pam Althoff and Dan Duffy represent McHenry County. Althoff has reacted and that reaction appears below the Palatine Tea Party’s press release below:

Shameful Illinois Republican State Senators

(Palatine, Illinois) – It is a sad day in Illinois when 11 Senate Republicans seek the cover of the leftist media over their ill-advised vote.

The Illinois Tea Party outrage at the passage of the Illinois Dream Act through the Illinois Senate has now made the Huffington Post.

These 11 Senators spend tax dollars like drunken sailors on shore leave, and once caught try to spin their way out of a problem they created. The Tea Party and its allies in the Illinois know that Illinois is in a financial crisis of epic proportion.

Once again the Illinois dream act is another spending bill that could adversely affect Illinois citizens. It has and will be the job of Tea Parties throughout the state to hold our elected officials accountable. The actions of these 11 Senators will not soon be forgotten. Many of these 11 call themselves conservatives, yet there is nothing conservative about the Illinois Dream Act.

This is a failure to the citizens of Illinois and these shameful Senators need to be held accountable for their actions. Please keep calling these numbers and keep expressing your contempt at this ill-advised vote.

Republicans that voted YES are: Althoff, Bomke, Brady, Dillard, Duffy, Tom Johnson, Murphy, Radogno, Sandack, Schmidt, Syverson.

Here’s is State Senator Pam Althoff’s response:

Recently, the Illinois Senate approved legislation (Senate Bill 2185) aimed at allowing student immigrants who have a valid taxpayer ID to invest in their college education – this legislation has been the subject of much misinformation on the Internet and in the media.

The bill requires the Illinois Student Assistance Commission to create an Illinois DREAM Fund that will provide scholarships funded entirely from private contributions – no Illinois tax dollars will be directed toward these scholarships. In addition, to be eligible for the program, a student must be a resident of the State of Illinois.

Contrary to some of the misinformation being spread by opponents of the measure, it is not an immigration bill – in no way, shape or form does it grant undocumented immigrants citizenship. Also, contrary to what’s been previously reported, the legislation does not permit driving certificates for undocumented immigrants.

As the Daily Herald noted in its May 6th edition:

“Note, there is a difference between the state version of the DREAM Act and the federal version, which failed during Congress’ lame-duck session late last fall. The state version, unlike the federal version, does not provide a direct path to citizenship.”

Those interested in seeing the full language of the measure can visit the Illinois Legislature’s Web site –

If you have any further questions or concerns, please contact Sen. Althoff at


Privately-Financed Dream Act Scholarships Draw Palatine Tea Party Ire — 5 Comments

  1. Althoff is a disappointment.

    What part of illegal doesn’t she understand.

    The Dream Act is awarding law breaker’s children the same educational benefits as law abiding citizens.

    Note: it does NOT state age limit on this Bill, can include ADULT children.

    This Bill allows for guidance couselor training to work with these children. QUESTION: Who’s paying for this “special training”….THE CITIZENS OF ILLINOIS.

  2. What good does a college education do if you still can’t work in this country since you are ILLEGAL!!

  3. What good is a college education if you can’t work in this country since you are ILLEGAL!!

  4. Change,

    I don’t know any background on the bill, but Sen Althoff’s statement reads that a valid tax id is required. Wouldn’t that exclude illegals?

  5. Senate Bill 2185 passed the senate and is now in the house. If you oppose this bill, contact your state representative.

    Amongst my issues with this bill is that taxpayer money is used to fund state universities and community colleges, and thus every person that attends those colleges.

    Another problem I have with the bill.

    “The bill also will allow illegal immigrants to participate in the state college savings program. Currently, people must be United States citizens to qualify for the savings program.”

    Are they are referring to “College Illinois”, “Bright Start”, or both. Was this scheme thought of or promoted by the Financial Services industry or lobbyists?

    Why do we continue to make exceptions for illegal immigrants when the state and country is in serious economic problems.

    Here’s another take on the bill.

    The article quotes.
    “Also Wednesday, Gov. Pat Quinn announced that Illinois is pulling out of a controversial federal program that automatically checks the immigration status of arrestees. The move makes Illinois one of the first states to take such a stance against the so-called ‘Secure Communities’ program, which is run by U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement.”

    If you want to attract more illegal immigrants, this is a great way to do that. It’s like an illegal immigrant PR campaign. Look at what we have to offer.

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