Walsh Says Put a Moat with Alligators, If That’s What It Takes to Stop Illegal Immigration

A press release from Congressman Joe Walsh:

Congressman Walsh Sends Letter to President Obama in Reaction to Yesterday’s Immigration Speech in El Paso

“Border security is national security. It’s not a joking matter.”

Washington, D.C. – Congressman Joe Walsh (R-IL) today announced that he has sent a letter (attached) to President Obama, expressing his concern over the President’s comments in an immigration speech made yesterday in El Paso, TX.

Joe Walsh

“For years President Obama has said he is serious about dealing with America’s immigration issues, however, yesterday he reinforced the idea that he’s not taking the issue seriously by suggesting that the only way to make Republicans happy on the subject is to build ‘a moat with alligators,’” said Congressman Walsh.

“Time and time again, President Obama has proven that he’s more concerned with photo-ops with Hollywood movie stars, than real citizens who live on the border and have to deal with America’s exploding immigration crisis.”

“Border security is national security. It’s not a joking matter. Enforcing our immigration laws and holding businesses accountable for hiring illegal immigrants is a serious issue. For that reason, I have sent the President a letter, questioning his commitment to securing our borders.”

“I look forward to the President’s response, and hope that he would work with Congress to come up with a plan that first and foremost protects our borders.

Part of a YouTube video Joe Walsh has put up.

“If it takes moats and alligators to secure our borders to get you to be serious – I’m game.”

Watch the whole video by clicking here.


Walsh Says Put a Moat with Alligators, If That’s What It Takes to Stop Illegal Immigration — 8 Comments

  1. Way to go Walsh… We need more politicans like you that have a backbone and are willing to stand up for the people who elected you.

  2. There is a more adult and intelligent way to tackle our immigration challenges. Walsh’s kindergarten ideology wouldn’t even serve well on a high school student council.

  3. LCTRUTH is another person who wants illegals working for local governments to be a “good thing” in how it prevents legal people from being to get a job when they are unemployed.

    Democrat voters want illegals sending at least 20 billion dollars a year back to Mexico, which is what they are doing. And that’s without counting the profits from illegal drug selling by illegals.

  4. I’m sure the words “moats and alligators” were meant to identify the seriousness of the problem.

    I look at this issue just as I did with bin Laden… if we really wanted to “get him” it wouldn’t have taken us 10 years to do it.

    If we really wanted to stop illegals from crossing the borders we would have done that already also!

    It’s politicians pulling the strings and the taxpayers are the ones dancing.

  5. It’s funny how people like to say that Obama has done nothing about the illegal immigrants but yet he’s increased the number of border control agents since 2004 by 20,000 (that’s more than double), and his administration has increased deportation of illegals convicted of crimes by 70%. Also, other than 1916 when President Woodrow Wilson sent between 75,000 and 150,000 troops to respond to Pancho Villa launching a surprise attack crossing the U.S. border, there are more border patrol officers now than in U.S. history.

    Funny how the Obama administration has done nothing about border security though.

  6. I find it interesting, LC, whenever someone like Joe Walsh turns Obama’s OWN WORDS back on him there are always folks like you willing to jump into the fray screaming how silly the Walsh’s of the world are without recognizing it was Obama who said this.

    Please attribute the quote to the person who said it and then recognize it is, in fact, Obama who is the child for approaching this very serious issue with such disdain.

    Joe Walsh has enough he does on his own to make fun of without giving him credit for Obama’s lack of seriousness.

  7. Priest…you gotta be kidding me…care to cite your source? You won’t be able to.

    No kidding…..take off the tin foil hat. Where have I ever indicated I wanted undocumented people working for local government? Now I do believe we should tax the heck out any money being sent to Mexico through Western Union.

    I am not saying we don’t have a problem with illegal immigration, but there is an adult way to deal with these challenging issues. Joe and his band of merrimen certainly don’t present the mature way to approach these challenges. You folks remind me of the days of witch hunts. If they are different than me, they gotta go!

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