Ken Koehler’s Reply to Jack Franks re Jack Schaffer — 9 Comments

  1. I think they should investigate the Metra thing a little more.
    Hey Ken, I got some property in a swamp, you think you can sell for me?

  2. Darn. I have to give Koehler positive props now. Although a lot of this is also just McHenry County politics, glad that somebody stands up to Grandstanding Jack.

  3. Sorry there is a lot of negative on both parties. I believe in term limits.

  4. Ken Koehler “Defines” the term, “Loyalty!!!”

    An examplory letter no matter what side of the isle you stand on.

    Ken Koehler I see is a man who stands firm on his beliefs. Whether or not you agree or disagree with “Chairman Koehler,” this man just proved he would be a disquinished member of “The Law Mens” group.

    Right or wrong, Ken Koehler just demonstrated that “Loyalty” is alive and well in the Office of the McHenry County Chairman!

    Muy bien hecho amigo Koehler…..(well done, good job)You’ve got the ‘stones!!!’

    No matter what people say about you or think about you, stand your ground!

    “Sesame Street” presents McHenry County Chairman Ken Koehler with the “Key to the city!”

    WOW!! “Integrity!” I LOVE IT!!

    Most Sincerely,

    “Big Bird”

    Mayor of “Sesame Street”

  5. Koehler doesn’t that company makes toilets?
    I think they are full of the same thing too.

  6. Ken wants Jack on the metra because they will buy Kens land , get rid of Jack Schaffer.

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