Elected McHenry County Regional Supt. of Schools Joe Williams Decides Not to Take Office.

Assistant Regional Supt. of Schools Joe Williams, who has decided to resign, rather than take the office he won in last fall's election. He was scheduled to take office July 1st.

The Northwest Herald is reporting a double resignation at the top of the McHenry County Regional Superintendent of Schools office.

Both current Supt. Gene Goeglein and Supt-Elect Joe Williams are resigning as of the end of this month in order to preserve the pension bases.

The replacement has to have educational and certification qualifications, so it can’t be just anybody off the street.

One young woman from Lakemoor raised her head before the Republican primary election, but didn’t gather signatures on the petitions she took from the McHenry County Clerk’s office.

I reported on Diane Hartmann’s interest last fall.

This is some of what the young mother wrote me when I emailed her:

“I was interested in Regional Office Superintendent, Republican, and I live in Lakemoor.

Diane Hartmann with her then-two-two year old son and husband Michael.

“I hold a superintendent license and have been an educator for the several years.“I’ve lived in McHenry County for about 4 years and prior to that Rockford, IL for about 10.

“I’m Ed. D. A.B.D. (All But Dissertation), which means I’m finishing my dissertation now.

“Therefore I decided to look at this the next time around. Since I need 560 signatures and almost nobody knows me, I thought I better build this up more.

“Unless I hear people would like me to run, I will wait and build my platform.”

I have not met Hartmann, but you can see she would make an attractive candidate, not to mention adding some youth to the corps of courthouse officials.

The appointment of a replacement will be made by McHenry County Board Chairman Ken Koehler.   Confirmation by the County Board is required.


Elected McHenry County Regional Supt. of Schools Joe Williams Decides Not to Take Office. — 12 Comments

  1. Why do we need a regional superintendant of schools? Isn’t there enough beurocracy already.

    What value does this position add?

    I didn’t realize that the appearance of the candidate was something they should be judged on. If so, most of the current McHenry county politicians would be out of a job!

  2. This just another wasteful goverment office. It should be eliminated.

  3. Ed D ABD (all but disertation) is a lame attempt to portray yourself as a Doctorate of Education.

    You dont have the right to use Ed D certification letters unless you complete your dissertation and are conferred the degree by an accredited institution of Higher Education.

    From what you are claiming all you have done is complete (maybe?) the coursework.. I question if you had completed a course in ETHICS?

  4. Dear Change –

    Perhaps you are among the minority who think Lincoln could win election today.


  5. I’m glad to see the concerned and questioning comments. The Regional Office of Education statutory duties can be found at http://www.mchenry.k12.il.us/statutory_responsibilities.html. I believe the responsibility of the elected official is to work for the cause. Quitting the position over a policy change does nothing.

    If individuals resign for personal reasons or feel they can no longer do the job, I respect that.

    On the other hand, I do not respect it as a power play.

    How does the course of democracy work when you retreat from the values you are quitting over?

    The bottom line to me is that I know there are students in McHenry County that need my help and I know there are educators too.

    One of the requirements for the position is a Superintendent license.. which I have. That comes with an ED. S. (Educational Specialist). The degree is on the wall. I have not used Ed. D. professionally; I was just telling Cal my background.

    NIU told us when we pass our Doctoral comprehensive exams; you could use Ed. D. A. B. D. even though I have chosen not to. Your right that there is debate about the use of it in academia. However, I have not, nor will I use it that title professionally. I will verbally state the facts, and that is a fact.

    More importantly, my dissertation topic is on alternative education. This topic is close to my heart as well as an important component of the R.O.E.

    My strengths for the position are my B.S. in Economics as well as my M.A. and M.S. and ED. S. in Education along with my business and education experience.

    As a 41 year old property owner, parent, and an educator of McHenry County, I want to know the office is creating a positive impact. I know if I’m appointed, the public will see and hear what is being accomplished on the behalf of the County.

    Diana Hartmann

  6. We need to elimanate the role of Regional Superintendents in Illinois. Cook County ( The largest County in Illinois) more than 1 year ago. These positions are high salary and pensions hogs.
    We need to go back and remove the pensions of any retired Supers also. They never ever added any value to the tax payer or the child. These positions are pure Government waste and Williams was a big huge waste and still is.

    Most people don’t know that these positions Do NOt report to the Board of Education in Springfield.

    I think Diana could do more in Schools to help students.

    We need to remove these positions everywhere in Illinois.And we need to no longer pay any pensions. My good ness these Supers did nothing of value and pulled down 6 figure salaries for years. They should be forced to pay back the tax payer all the money they took from the children for Illinois.

    now we need to get rid of the rest of the waste sitting in the Mchenry office of the Superintendent. I think there are truency officers and 7-8 other wasteful positions.

  7. I smell a rat. Why would Joe Williams resign from this position (is there a skeleton in the closet) or perhaps Joe saw that the position is worthless and would have to be accountable about his role and duties in order to collect that nice fat pay check and retirement.

    I would encourage Cal to dig deeper under the surface on this one.

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