Dianne Hartmann Throws Hat in Ring for Regional Supt. of Schools

Here is the comment the Lakemoor woman posted on this article about Regional Supt. of Schools Joe William’ decision to retire prior to taking elective office on July 1, 2011:

I’m glad to see the concerned and questioning comments. The Regional Office of Education statutory duties can be found at http://www.mchenry.k12.il.us/statutory_responsibilities.html. I believe the responsibility of the elected official is to work for the cause. Quitting the position over a policy change does nothing.

If individuals resign for personal reasons or feel they can no longer do the job, I respect that.

On the other hand, I do not respect it as a power play.

How does the course of democracy work when you retreat from the values you are quitting over?

Diane Hartmann

The bottom line to me is that I know there are students in McHenry County that need my help and I know there are educators too.

One of the requirements for the position is a Superintendent license.. which I have. That comes with an ED. S. (Educational Specialist). The degree is on the wall. I have not used Ed. D. professionally; I was just telling Cal my background.

NIU told us when we pass our Doctoral comprehensive exams; you could use Ed. D. A. B. D. even though I have chosen not to. Your right that there is debate about the use of it in academia. However, I have not, nor will I use it that title professionally. I will verbally state the facts, and that is a fact.

More importantly, my dissertation topic is on alternative education. This topic is close to my heart as well as an important component of the R.O.E.

My strengths for the position are my B.S. in Economics as well as my M.A. and M.S. and ED. S. in Education along with my business and education experience.

As a 41 year old property owner, parent, and an educator of McHenry County, I want to know the office is creating a positive impact.

I know if I’m appointed, the public will see and hear what is being accomplished on the behalf of the County.

Diana Hartmann


Dianne Hartmann Throws Hat in Ring for Regional Supt. of Schools — 4 Comments

  1. So I took a couple of medical school level courses in college; is it ok for me to put MD after my name because I could go back at some point and complete medical school? You got caught puffing. Stand by what you know and what education you have completed, not what you think you will do in the future. You don’t deserve the position when you need to confuse people with your education. Just more of the same in filling an unneeded position, already needing to explain what you meant by what you said or didn’t say about something as basic as your education. Perhaps an ethics course would be in order

  2. Do you realize that a Ph.D. is not a requirement for this office. To the best of my knowledge no Regional Supt. of Schools in McHenry County has held a Ph.D.

  3. A.B.D. is perfectly acceptable, and frequently used in academia. Technically, you just use A.B.D., (i.e, Publius Valerius, M.S., A.B.D.) but I do believe the point she was trying to make was that she was receiving an Ed.D., and not a Ph.D., to demonstrate that her expertise is in the field of Education.

    For anyone who has achieved their doctorate, getting to the point of A.B.D. is one heck of an accomplishment. I would let everyone know I have achieved that level of education.

  4. A couple questions? Does the RSS handle large portions of tax payer money?

    The reason I ask is she mentioned that she was a property owner. So I did a check at Chicago block shopper, and see that her and her now husband payed $554,000 for a house that the seller bought on a bank sale for $87,500. That doesn’t seem like a wise decision for someone with an economics degree. That raises concerns about how well she will research subjects before making policy.

    Second question, what is her religious affiliation, judging by her family photo, her clothing looks like it has satanic imagery.

    This of coarse assumes blockshopper info is correct? That is why I’m asking.


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