Daily Herald Not Forced to Reveal Commenter’s Name

Sharon Hyde on the day of her arrest.

The defense in former Mayor Tom Hyde’s trial throught that one of those commenting on Island Lake stories was a potential witness, so Judge Fred Foreman was asked to order the Daily Herald to reveal that person’s identity.

Yesterday, the Daily Herald revealed the Judge let the paper off the hook.

So Sharon Hyde’s attorneys will have to go without that bit of information.

“Foreman said he would not enforce the subpoena against the newspaper because Smith had not established the information was crucial to Hyde’s defense, and had not exhausted all other means of determining the potential witness’ bias and prejudice against Hyde.”

In more substantive news, the paper reports that “state’s attorney’s office investigators had compared the two sets of documents and discovered ‘changes, alterations and deletions’ had been made to the original time sheets.”

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