Senate Democrats Unleash Redistricting Lines

Illinois Senate Democrats have released their draft of districts for the next ten years. Below you see want they want to happened in McHenry, Lake, northern Kane and Cook Counties.

The proposed lines for this decade's state senate districts in northeastern Illinois, compliments of Senate Democrats.

Although McHenry County has enough people to continue justifying a whole State Senate District, State Senator Pam Althoff would lose Algonquin Township and pick up northwestern Lake County.

State Senator Dan Duffy would lose his part of Nunda and McHenry Townships to be replaced with most of Algonquin Township and a chunk of north central Dundee Township.  He would also have Barrington Township in Cook County, plus Cuba, Ela, most of Wauconda and Libertyville Townships.

Most of Grafton Township and the western part of Algonquin Township would comprise the northern part of a western Kane District now represented by Chris Lauzen.

I had thought the Dems would pit Althoff against Duffy, but that appears not to be the case.

Below is a view of the map that includes the boundaries of the state senate districts to the south of McHenry County which would claim local residents under the Senate Democratic map.

On this map you can see the three state senate districts into which Democrats would carve McHenry County residents.

It appears that part of Algonquin will be included in Democratic Party State Senator Michael Noland’s district. He is from Elgin.



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