Obama Signs Show Up in Harvard

This big Obama American Recovery and Reinvestment Act sign was put up for a relatively little sandblasting project.

We drove through Harvard on the way to the Wisconsin Dells a couple of weeks ago and, to my surprise, there was one of those Obama construction signs.

The sign on the back of one of the trucks said sandblasting work was being done.

Not much being done, but the signs were there anyway.

Here are the men at work on Sunday, May 1, 2010.

The sign on the back of the truck said, “Sandblasting.”

My wife managed to maneuver around this warning sign.

Temporary signs were posted along the project.

Not enough through went into traffic safety on this windy day.

It was a windy Sunday and the light warning signs were blowing in the wind. April was going out like a lion.

After taking the last photo, I tossed the sign on the shoulder.


Obama Signs Show Up in Harvard — 5 Comments

  1. Blago signs and Recovery Act signs – more taxpayers’ money wasted. Worry less about taking credit and more about using the money to get things done.

  2. Democrats love using money for unnecessary signs. Then it costs money for officials to put up the signs.

    It is absurd there’s a big sign for paying for road sandblasting.

  3. Thanks for reminding me about Blago’s $15,000 signs at the Open Road Tolling plazas on the Tollway. That was $15,000 EACH. For 30 of them!

  4. Cal, I know you were just passing through and saw the sandblasting project, but there is way more to it. They are widening the intersection of Rt 14 and Airport/McGuire Roads. This will give turn lanes and less congestion at all times of the day for this area.

  5. “My wife managed to maneuver around this warning sign.”….. wow you took a big risk right there…. women drivers no survivors :/

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