After the Storm in Hartland Township

The view of Paulson Road after Hartland Township Road Commissioner Mike Murphy's crew finished clearing downed trees off the road.

An observer in Hartland Township sent this “after clean-up” photo of Paulsen Road.

Here’s the commentary that accompanied it:

Interesting that on Monday morning Alden Road was closed to work on ONE tree that was felled during the storm on Sunday night. Here are some pictures that that show the result of the work done by Mike Murray as noted by Ruth in your post.

Note the white fence on the right, This is the same white fence shown in the picture the night before. This is the location where the entire road was covered with trees for a distance of about two hundred feet.

And below is a “before” shot:

Paulson Road was impassible after Sunday night's storm.

How strong was the wind?

Look at these uprooted trees beyond the white fence:

These trees near Paulson Road were uprooted.

Commenting on the Northwest Herald web site Jeremiah P. of Harvard wrote or seeing a tornado near the Route 173 welcome sign:

I wonder how the evergreens near the Route 173 welcome sign look now.

The Harvard, Illinois, welcome sign on Route 173 on a pleasant day.

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