McHenry County College Signals Condemnation of Neighboring Property

On the agenda for this Thursday night’s meeting of the McHenry County College Board of Trustees is a resolution concerning condemnation.

Can’t, that is, don’t want to, let the public in on the details, so first the Board is scheduled to go into secret session.

We know the College Board wants to buy 20 acres.

20 acres that McHenry County College proposes to buy.

We know there have been appraisals, even though they have been discussed in an open meeting, MCC refuses to share with the public.

Signaling that no closed session is needed are the two following items on the agenda:

  • Resolution to reject offer
  • Resolution to condem

College officials must believe that their appraisals will stand up in court.

And there must be money in the bank to buy the land.

Time will tell what the offer to the unwilling seller will be.

We know that prices of land are down.


McHenry County College Signals Condemnation of Neighboring Property — 3 Comments

  1. How much more can my budget take? Sounds like a tax increase is in the future.

  2. There’s never a condemnation if a Board member (or someone they favorably know) owns the land that the Board wants.

    Then there’s a “fair” “negotiated” price backed up by an “appraisal”.

    Just talking about the 7,000 forms of government in Illinois and all their board members, not necessarily MCC.

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