Message of the Day – A Cross

What remains of St. Mary's Catholic Church after the Joplin tornado.

This is my brother-in-law’s church in Joplin, Missouri. An article from the Catholic News Service .

It offers this site to make donations.

My sister’s St. Paul’s Methodist Church was also in the path of devastation.

Transplanted to Joplin in the early 1990’s, the Denis and Ellen Desmond family went pretty much unscathed during the storm. They live one road about a quarter of a mile south of the expressway in Leawood, where Denis is Village President.

Searching to see if they were safe, the closest damage I could find was on that expressway, where semis were overturned.

Overturned trucks just north of my sister's suburban Joplin home.

The worst that happened to the extended family was the collapse of the AT&T store in which the Desmond daughter’s brother-in-law was working.

The Weather Channel guy Mike Bettes said this was the AT&T Store. It was on Rangeline Road, the major North-South road that is an exit from the Interstate.

He managed to crawl out. First indications were that he might have broken ribs and a concussion.


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