Nunda Township Republican Party Chairman Reacts to Munaretto’s Request to Change County Remap Lines

Yesterday, McHenry County Blog published an email request from Algonquin McHenry County Board member Marc Munaretto to spin the boundaries counterclockwise in the Southeastern part of McHenry County.

This is the reaction of Brent Smith, the Republican Township Chairman of Nunda Township:

Nunda Township Republican Central Committeeman Brent Smith and his wife, Nunda Township Trustee Joni Smith, converse with State Senator Dan Duffy at last fall's Nunda Township GOP Picnic.

I OPPOSE the latest proposed changes to the re-map by County Board Member Dist 1 Marc Munaretto. 

I was 1 of 3 residents for Dist 3 that stood up in front of the County Board that APPROVED the proposed redistricting map for Dist. 3.

In my opinion taking in consideration the amount of time that was already put into the redistricting map, Marc Munaretto should have worked with his constituents prior to last weeks County Board meeting to make these changes, like we did.

Is this going to result in another public hearing to approve these proposed changes in next months meeting?

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