McHenry County’s Very Junior College Continues to Lack Transparency

There are two items on the agenda of the McHenry County College Board’s 6:30 meeting tonight, but we citizens aren’t good enough to see the board packet items under consideration.

Clearly pieces of paper with writing on them have been prepared for the two resolutions relating to the acquistion of land seen above.

Any hope that this board will be more transparent than the last is fading rapidly.

You remember those boards.

The one that would reveal nothing about its plan to put taxpayers on the hook for over $20 million in baseball stadium debt without revealing the details of who the investors would be or what companies would make money on the deal.

And, who can forget the board’s plan to sell land for the tallest broadcast tower in Illinois on The Breaker’s side of the campus.

There is no reason to believe that the board is not buying land at the right time, but there is equally no reason for the board to be hiding details that will be voted upon tonight.

A community college would trust the public with the information.

A junior college would not.

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