Message of the Day – Wedding Pictures

I thought you'd be able to see the number on the back, but you can't. It's 847-695-5500.

I was driving back to our Lakewood home along Lake Avenue and there was a huge 1 Choice Limo parked next to the baseball field.

I took a photo, but it turned out really fuzzy. Even with the lack of clarity, you can see this is one BIG limo.

As I drove past Crystal Lake’s Main Beach, I saw the reason for the limo.

A wedding party was standing on the raft used to launch fireworks the 4th of July.

I believe we see the wedding party of Mr. and Mrs. Fred Steck posing for pictures.

I took another picture. You know how brides are. They want to look beautify.

The guy behind the groom seems to be presenting the couple to the world in this second shot.

By my third shot, the groom had seen me taking pictures through the chain link fence.

The groom waved from the fireworks raft at the edge of Crystal Lake.

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