Com Ed/Ameren Rate Hike Bill Passes House – Roll Call

Senate bill 1652, the legislation that Commonwealth Edison and Downstate electric utility Ameeen promotes as a “Smart Grid” bill, passed the Illinois House this Memorial Day 67-47-1.

It previously passed the Senate, as you can see from the Senate roll call below:

The Illinois Senate passed the Com Ed/Ameren rate hike bill 54-0.

Both state senators representing McHenry Count–Pam Althoff and Dan Duffy–voted for the legislation.

In the Illinois House, the vote was split on party lines.

Democrat Jack Franks opposed the bill, while Republicans Mark Beaubien and Mike Tryon voted, “Yes.”

The House vote had more dissension than the senate vote 45 days earlier.

The Senate still has to vote on House amendments before the bill can be sent to the Governor’s desk.

For those wishing to weigh in on the issue, the state switchboard number is 217-782-2000.


Com Ed/Ameren Rate Hike Bill Passes House – Roll Call — 2 Comments

  1. The cost of living in this state is astronomical, and it gets worse every day with these idiots in office!

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