Message of the Day – A Flag

This is the view going north on Randall Road toward Crystal Lake. A huge American flag seems to be sprouting from the road.

In a synergistic arrangement, the City of Crystal Lake allowed T-Mobile to build a very, very tall mobile phone tower on its sewage plant property.

This is the kind of tower that T-Mobile wanted to erect in the middle of Crystal Lake’s Ken Bird Park. (Read about the uprising at the Park Board meeting here.)

This is such a much better location for all sorts of reasons.

It can similarly be seen by cars coming west on Rakow Road.

Appropriate for Memorial Day, don’t you think?


Message of the Day – A Flag — 5 Comments

  1. Actually the site at Ken Bird Park was supposed to be a 70′ tower, not the 140′ that is seen in the picture.

  2. Did anyone see ‘the Flag’ over the last few days… It was completely in Disarray.. It looks tattered and worn… A flag of this size should be taken down and put up daily!!

  3. Seems like a win-win to me. I love seeing the giant flag while driving north on Randall Road.

  4. It’s a little weird that the flag is flying over sewage. The whole thing is weird.

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