Message of the Day – A Sign

The sign in front of the demolished Joplin High School was altered after the tornado.

All that was left of the letters in “Joplin” were the “O” and the “P.”

Someone duct taped an “H” in front of those two letters and an “E” after them.

Now it spells “HOPE.”

The sign used to read "JOPLIN HIGH SCHOOL." Now it says, "HOPE HIGH SCHOOL."


Message of the Day – A Sign — 3 Comments

  1. the letters were not ‘painted,’ they were placed with duct tape, in lieu of defacing the sign permanently

  2. important only because of the recent suspension of a student who taped a prom invite to a school wall on the east coast. many media outlets initially reported he painted it on a school wall. obviously these students intended to convey a poignant message without defacing one of the things left reasonably intact by the devastation of the tornado. they didn’t damage anything and added a bit of hope to what have been many dreary days

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