Grafton Township Trustees Appeal Caldwell Order to Hire Supervisor’s Attorney as Township Attorney

Judge Michael Caldwell

John Nelson

It’s not a surprise that the four Grafton Township Trustees have appealed Judge Michael Caldwell’s order that they approve John Nelson as Grafton Township Attorney.


Rockford Attorney Nelson serves as Township Supervisor Linda Moore’s attorney in her separation of powers suit.

In the clash of Executive versus Legislative Branch powers, Nelson’s representation led the judge’s dismissal of Township Attorney Keri-Lyn Krafthefer., plus Township Administrator Pam Fender.  Krafthefer is a partner of the Ancel Glink law firm.

Grafton Township has been without an attorney since the decision was handed down.

As soon as Caldwell made his ruling, Ancel Glink litigator Thomas DiCianni turned the tables on Nelson claiming that the Judge’s ruling violated the separation of powers between the legislative and judicial branched. (The transcript of the hearing is here.)

Moore’s original suit claimed that the Trustees legislative role was usurping her Executive Branch powers.

Below you see the filing:

= = = = =
This is truly an interesting part of the case. I wonder how many other cases have had all three branches involved in separation of powers disputes.


Grafton Township Trustees Appeal Caldwell Order to Hire Supervisor’s Attorney as Township Attorney — 31 Comments

  1. You can see how Rob LaPorta spends ridiculous, wastes of money, that taxpayers have to pay because he acts as an IDIOT, while claiming he is a C.P.A.

    He should admit he has a sales job and cares only for his “me, me and me” waste of throwing money away.

  2. I can go to Brookfield and pick up a group of monkeys that can run the township better and more efficient than these unTrustees.

  3. Bravo trustees! This is Linda Moore’s PERSONAL attorney who in the past several weeks has ignored Judge Caldwell’s order and had been ACTING as the attorney for Grafton Township – negotiating the loan payback to the road district, etc. This is Linda Moore’s PERSONAL attorney, who will probably be representing Mr. Linda Moore in his upcoming trial for failing to control his violent behavior. Moore and Nelson are ignoring Judge Caldwell’s order.

  4. Checks and balances, checks and balances. Just because the Trustees and the Supervisor can’t agree to appoint Attorney Nelson does not mean that Judge Caldwell should have the power to force the Trustees to appoint him. That oversteps the checks and balances that have been put in place to protect taxpayers. I understand the frustration of the taxpayers not wanting additional attorney bills, I really do but appointing the personal attorney of the Supervisor who filed a suit against the Trustees is a blatant conflict of interest. The township taxpayers would benefit from an unbiased third party attorney, not one who has previously been on one side or the other.

    Most disturbing is that Judge Caldwell terminated Ancel-Glink as the township attorney because the Supervisor and the Trustees could not agree to retain them as the township attorneys; yet, when the Trustees and Supervisor can not agree on the township attorney again, he rules that they need to approve the Supervisor’s choice, even though they don’t agree. That is going against his own precident. If they don’t agree on the Trustees choice, the attorney is terminated. If they don’t agree on the Supervisor’s choice, the attorney must be confirmed? Seems completely contrary to me, once again making me happy that I haven’t moved to Grafton.

  5. You gotta admire Moore for getting her family attorney (yeah, he’s the hubby’s defense attorney as well) a high paying gig, charging taxpayers an outlandish $ 250/hr regardless if her is at his desk, in court or motoring in his convertable roadster. A round-trip costs the taxpayers $ 500 just for the travel – and he hasn’t opened his mouth or briefcase! This Nelson guy earns better money for the house than an O’Hare casino! CHACHING!

  6. There are days I would eliminate ALL Townships in Illinois except those in a truly rural area.

    This day is one of them.

    This is not the 19th or 20th Century anymore. The Townships seem to like operating in the dark and when someone pulls them into the light they then have huge power struggles when someone new walks in the door.

    This Township did NOT need a multi-million buck plus interest big building. It simply didn’t. My belief is it was intended to create another political power base of volunteers and soldiers on the ground at election time.

    Yes, this does still stem from that period of time and when the Trustees preferred Supervisor did not gain reelection.

  7. Aileen, get over the building already! The rest of us have! This has nothing to do with the building, and everything to do with Linda spending more time and money on litigation than she does doing her job!

  8. Incase you hadn’t noticed Jack, this litigation is being brought by the trustees. Just because they don’t like legal advice doesn’t mean it isn’t sound. Notice the trustees personal attorney states in this official document that she is the acting township attorney. Amazing that you think you know more than a judge.

  9. “There are days I would eliminate ALL Townships in Illinois except those in a truly rural area.”

    Of course you would. Right along with all your friends. Huh Aileen?

    Well guess what. It won’t happen. So like jack said, get over it!! Can you beat the dead horse any more?

    Townships serve a great purpose. Too bad our township has to deal with all this crap. We are the 2nd largest township in McHenry County and we are led by a supervisor who doesn’t know the meaning of a township. We are in for another 2 years of crap!!!!

  10. We should be trying to come together as a community and respect people’s inputs, not tearing them down for their job or life, which also affects family. We can agree to disagree without making personal attacks. If you know who this person is then you know that you are attacking someone who is your senior. You are being disrespectful and impolite. This behavior does not solve anything, it is just mean.

  11. The township building is what started this mess, so it is very relavant. You may have chosen to ignore it, but others have not.

  12. I agree, it is always the same ones on here, making harrassing comments. It is time for hateful people to get a life and find another way to express yourselves.

  13. Sigh! The township building may have started the mess, but it has been dealt with. The building is now a dead issue, with the exception of paying back the loan. Talk about the loan all you want but continually bringing up “the building” that has been ruled against and not brought into everyday township business beyond the loan does not negate the ridiculousness of this township.

    GR & Sunshine, the people who have made comments that you view as hateful are frustrated and may have had unpleasant encounters with some of the people involved. I personally do not know the Supervisor, most of the Trustees, nor have attended the meetings. I do not even live in Grafton but I do have many friends who live in the township and want to see good things happen. They are frustrated at the lack of audit(s) from the current Supervisor, they are frustrated at the constant litigation when compromise should be reached or when the Supervisor should back down (and at times the Trustees should as well), but mostly, they are frustrated by the lack of progress.

    There have been times when I have posted my opinions, views, facts, and/or questions on here and other blogs/boards and people have not been respectful of me, and I’m sure if I look back, GR and sunshine, you are not completely innocent yourselves. I also do not understand why people can’t have logical and respectful discussion but that works both ways. The Supervisor has been very disrespectful at times to not only the Trustees but also the residents so I could see why some people do not respect her. Respect is earned and returned when it is received. If the videos of township meetings show anything, it’s a lack of respect by all parties but someone needs to rise above it all. Unfortunately, I don’t believe it will be the Supervisor, who should be the example for all.

  14. “It is time for hateful people to get a life and find another way to express yourselves.”

    Perhaps some people should evaluate their own lives.

  15. How about the two of you lead by example? Show respect to everyone, regardless if you like them.

  16. Please show this forum some respect and save your long rants for another medium.

  17. So Grafton Resident, if I am understanding you correctly and please correct me if I’m wrong, you are saying that if we don’t agree with you or other people who read and post on this blog, we should just go away because it is disrespectful to post comments on a public blog site?

    If I said that I thought Linda Moore is doing a fabulous job and wrote 5 paragraphs about how townships should be disposed of, how terrible the previous supervisor was, and how bad the new township building that the previous supervisor wanted to build was, would it be acceptable and respectful for me to post then?

  18. Btw, I think I have been respectful in my posts. I haven’t called anyone names or attacked anyone personally. I may not agree with their behaviors or their politics but everyone is entitled to their opinions and to free speech in my books.

  19. Like them? I don’t even know “them”. However posting on public blogs really speaks volumes.

    If I disrespected anyone that deserves respect, then I apologize.

  20. I see the bullies/intimidators/likely multiple names for one person with an agenda and the stalkers are out again today. Unable to discuss only the topic.

    Unfortunately, this is something that drives people away from commenting – and that, of course, is the intention. It’s a choice to go out of the way to shut down a site they disagree with – to cause, not healthy debate, but to cause tension. Politics and Personal stuff has replaced intelligent conversation. May God help us all.

    The idea that someone should have a different opinion is somehow no longer “allowed” in this Internet Society.

  21. Blah, blah, blah Aileen. Bully this . . . North Korea that.

    Linda removed all of the financial records from the township offices.

    There has not been an audit since Linda became supervisor.

    How does everyone feel about Linda Moore’s personal attorney (who will also be representing Linda’s spouse David Moore) representing the township? IMHO this is a huge conflict of interest.

  22. Why is it that every time a group of people do not agree with those who support Linda Moore, we are accused of being the same person with multiple screen names? For the record, I am only one person with one screen name on this blog. I am NOT also CaddyCassandra, InOverHerHead, jacksprat, or Tom Grafton. I’m sure that Mr. Skinner could verify that we all have separate email addresses as well.

    FDA, bringing up the building is not sticking to the topic either. The topic is Linda Moore’s personal attorney being appointed by Judge Caldwell and the Trustees (along with the support of many taxpayers) appealed the Judge’s decision.

    IMHO, there is a major conflict of interest having Attorney Nelson as the township attorney. This is for two reasons primarily. First, Attorney Nelson represented Supervisor Moore in litigation against the Trustees. I think the taxpayers would be better served by an unbiased third party. Second, Attorney Nelson is involved in a lawsuit between the Supervisor’s husband and a Trustee for an altercation that occured after a township meeting. Again, that seems to be a conflict of interest as well.

  23. sunshine , DD and Grafton resident are somewhat new to this blog I think…They seem to evoke some COMMON SENSE…….but go ahead and be critical of them you anonomous pigmys…you who seem to be so proud to (may) have ID’ed Aileen? Why don’t you fess up your own credentials? You see I don’t know which one of you is Zirk or LaPorta or even if you are at all. What I do know is that there are only a few of you, or perhaps one of you. So I am asking you to do what I DO and come out from the shadows….No I do understand that is too much to ask….from the belly of you

  24. Jeff T., are you OK with the theft of the financial records by Linda Moore?

    Are you OK with Linda covering up the theft?

    Are you OK with Linda deceiving the citizens of Grafton by allowing the investigation by Forensicon (to the tune of $18K).

    Are you OK with the fact that there has been no audit since Linda was elected?

    These are facts, not intimidations or bullying.

    Is everyone OK with the above accomplishments of Linda in office?

  25. Jeff, as I’ve mentioned before, using a screen name is important to me because I want to make sure my family is protected and I have no intention of just trusting that everyone out there are good people. I have seen too many people take things to heart and I do not want risk my family.

    I can tell you that I am a regular visitor of Huntley Neighbors and I use the screen name Canuck there. I am a born and raised Canadian so unless the other posters are Canadian and have the passport to prove it, they are not me. Before anyone says anything about immigration or anything, yes, I am here legally 100%.

    As for the name calling, “you anonomous pigmys”, that is completely uncalled for. FDA made a point in an earlier comment about “bullies” and “intimidators” and this completely illustrates an example of that. I have never once called you, or any other poster a name on this blog or any other forum for that matter. I may have disagreed, stated my opinion, or clarified with facts but I have not, and will not, get to the point of calling people names.

  26. One person’s version of “facts” is another persons spin. All investigations have been dropped. I doubt the supervisor could have stopped the trustees from spending their own money to hire Forensicon. The judge has already told the trustees twice that tax dollars were not to be used to pay Forensicon, so he must have some issues also. An audit was conducted during the first few months the supervisor was in office and another audit is in progrees.

  27. I failed to bring up Linda’s menacing the seniors that use the Grafton bus. I failed to mention Linda’s abuse of the Grafton Food Pantry. Lots of posters here are wearing their rose colored glasses. There . . . mine are on and things look “rosey.” Linda is doing a fine job.

  28. Given your previous inaccuracies, it is hard to buy your accusations as factual.

  29. Please specify what you classify as “previous inaccuracies”

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