Lakewood’s Ken Santowski Reports on May Village Meeting

Ken Santowski

A last day of May letter from Lakewood Village Trustee Ken Santowski:

Fellow residents:

Well here it is the last day of May and finally we are seeing some changes.

Yes, I am talking about the weather, also.

Earlier this month the newest members of the village board were sworn in. Congratulations to Gary Sexson and Jeff Iden for their efforts to be more involved in their community. Hopefully they can sustain their efforts throughout their respective terms in office. Based on their experiences as small businessmen I believe they will.

The continued dismal economy has spurned a great deal of competition.

Our 2011 road program was put out for bid. The engineers estimate thought the cost of our program for this year was going to be about $421,549.75.

Well when the bids came in even the highest bid was UNDER $400,000.00. In fact the low build from (a responsible and established company) Geske & Sons came in at $332,866.36.

So at least we had some good financial news this time around. I am certainly glad that we are getting a better value for our money at this time, but also would rather see the economy take a definite turn towards the positive side since that would help so many more people.

We have had discussions regarding the Redtail clubhouse and possible land shedding some more parcels of land from the course. Nothing has actually been put forth at this time, but looking forward, it is the primary goal of the board to protect the golf course and its impact to residents.

Since we seem to be getting a better value for our money the time seems ultra perfect to build some type of clubhouse. Discussions will follow soon.

For those who have not noticed, the new water tower has been topped off and is awaiting its paint job. Once that is complete and all the mechanicals installed and tested then we can fill it with water. I am not sure how to fill a new water tower. Perhaps we as residents can do an old fashioned bucket brigade and fill it up one bucket at a time. Just how many buckets of water are in 500,000 gallons? More importantly, do you have to rinse it out prior to its first use just like a Tupperware bowl? Or do you just hook a siphon hose from the old tower to the new one?

Many public and private discussions have ensued since our disagreement with Crystal Lake over the whole fire department issue. Many things have been said in the newspapers and now just like Paul Harvey we need to tell you “the rest of the story”.

But I can’t; sorry. While this matter is still a legal issue neither I nor the board can talk about it in the public spectrum. Hopefully this matter can be resolved quickly so that both communities can move forward and begin to heal. But only time will tell.

I look forward to this summer and all of the exciting things that can and will happen here in Lakewood. There have been minor rumblings about the sports complex and that particular intersection. Let’s hope something positive happens out there.

Other than some minor housekeeping items May was a rather slow month in regards to political turmoil; which was good. I think the new board will hit the ground running here soon and make things happen.

All my best,

Kenneth M Santowski

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