Mr. & Mrs. Jack Feldkamp Murdered at Home Next to Coral Woods

At the end of a winding, wooded street just before the entrance to Coral Woods was where the Jack Feldkamps lived and were murdered.

Harmony Real Estate owner Jack Feldkamp and his wife were knifed to death in their home about 8 o’clock last night.

Jack Feldkamp's Harmony Real Estate Office is on Route 20 just north of the tollway.

After the Marengo Rescue Squad answered the call, the case was turned over to the McHenry County Sheriff’s Department. Squads swarmed to the location next to the entrance of Coral Woods.

The Sheriff's Deputy still on the scene allowed photos of the home where the murders took placeas long as one was in front of his squad car parked in the Feldkamp driveway.

The assailant was neighbor Doran Bloom.  He was shot dead by Feldkamp’s son Scott, who was also wounded.

Feldkamp had served as Coral Township Assessor, as well as running his real estate business.

Living next to Coral Woods and having developed the subdivision was new information to me.

I did have one conversation with Feldkamp that I found intriguing.

The Feldkamp driveway is to the right in front of the entrance to Coral Woods Conservation Area.

A man who owned land on Coon Creek in far southwestern McHenry County came in and said he wanted to sell his land for $5,000 an acre.

“You’re nuts,” Feldkamp told him.  “It floods all the time.  No one would pay that much.”

After mulling the request over in his head a bit, Feldkamp exclaimed, “I know who’ll pay that much.  The (McHenry County) Conservation District.”

And MCCD did buy it for $5,000 an acre.


Mr. & Mrs. Jack Feldkamp Murdered at Home Next to Coral Woods — 6 Comments

  1. This is a subdivision in the middle of the country, southeast of Marengo and southwest of union.

    Rte 23 & 20 both lead to Marengo.

    This section of Coral Rd runs east/west between 23 & 20.

    The subdivision I think is along the road that leads north of Coral Road to the Coral Woods Forest Preserve, which is infamous for it’s annual maple syrup event.

    There was a murder in Woodstock earlier this month, last I heard the victim was responding to a Craigslist personal ad involving money.

    Good grief.

  2. Pretty macabre going to the home of the dead couple only to take photos. Perhaps you can post pictures of the Beubien funeral as well?

  3. “According to one person who had known him for a long time Feldkamp could irritate people”

    And why would this matter?! The poor man and his wife are dead because of a mentally sick man. Not because Jack “irritated” people. Absolutely ridiculous to speak ill of the dead….

  4. Cal Skinner states above: “According to one person who had known him for a long time Feldkamp could irritate people.”

    Clearly, Mr. Skinner, you don’t care much about publishing quality content on your blog. How is THAT relevant? Why would any of your readers care?

    It has nothing to do with what really happened. A crazy man entered their house and murdered them in cold blood. Ending your story with a negative commentary Mr. Feldkamp clearly demonstrates your ignorance.

  5. Irritating others could, of course, be said of me, too. Jack and I had a lot in common.

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