Little Girl Bicyclist Succumbs to Accident Injuries

The first photograph taken of the Flight for Life helicopter at Crystal Lake’s West School was at 7:59 Wednesday morning.

I wrote about the large number of police and fire department vehicles speeding past our home on Lake Avenue in Lakewood on Wednesday morning before 8.

The next shot shows the rescue vehicle, as well as the helicopter. The time stamp shows 8:12.

The Crystal Lake Police Department put out a press release revealed that an 8-year old girl had been hit by a car as she tried to cross the continuation of Lake Avenue, which is called North Avenue on the West End.

Third picture is a big fuzzy but shows the time to be 8:18.

Today word has reached me that the little girl died of her injuries.

The helicopter is ready to take off at8:19.

Because of the nature of the source, I shall not reveal her name.

And it’s on the way to Park Ridge.

Also today, a friend of McHenry County Blog sent six photos of the Flight for Life helicopter that took the little girl from West Elementary School to to Advocate Lutheran General Hospital.

The helicopter is gaining altitude by8:19.

I presume her injuries were so severe that a Level One Trauma Unit was required for her to have a chance of survival.

At this point about all anyone can do is pray for her family and friends, especially her older brother, whom she was following across the street, her family and friends, plus the car driver, who was not issued a ticket.

My mother had a similar accident at the intersection of Lake and McHenry Avenues.

An ice cream truck was stopped on the east side of McHenry Avenue and a child rode out from behind it right into my mother’s car.

While not as severely injured, I can attest to the guilt she felt, even though she could have done nothing to avoid the accident.

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The little girl’s name is Rachael Miller. You can learn how you can help her family financially here.

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