Algonquin Fund Raiser for Joplin at Brunswick Zone Saturday

Brunswick Zone XL is just southeast of the intersection of Randall and County Line Roads.

Algonquin’s Brunswick Zone XL is holding a fund raiser Saturday to benefit victims of the Joplin tornado.


Half of the game room proceeds will be donated to the Amercian Red Cross of Greater Chicago.

This game is called High Casino.

There are adult games.  Lots of shoot ’em up games.

This is some Wonka Sweetland coin operated enticement.

There are things aimed at kids, too.

And prizes given out every hour after five.


Algonquin Fund Raiser for Joplin at Brunswick Zone Saturday — 1 Comment

  1. How much of your donation will actually reach those in Joplin? Consider the donations made to Katrina or Haitian relief made in care of the Red Cross and see how much actually reached those in need in those locales. The ARC president needs her organization provided residences in FL and Washington, 7 figure salary, the limos and private jet dedicated to her. While the ARC garners lots of free publicity for their efforts, they bank most of the money and it will result in in little of it ever reaching those in Joplin

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