Applications Being Accepted to Replace Mark Beaubien

52nd District State Representative Map from 2002 through 2010 election. Click to enlarge. Map by Elgin-based political consultant Drew Veeneman.

If you live in the current 52nd state representative seat in which Mark Beaubien served and are interested in serving out the remainder of his term, applications will be taken by the three men who will make the choice.

Mark Beaubien

They are

  • Lake County Republican Central Committee Chairman Bob Cook
  • McHenry County publican Central Committee Chairman Mike Tryon
  • Barrington Township Republican Committeeman Gene Dawson

On at least the Lake County and McHenry County GOP web sites a place will be found to make such an application.

The three will try to reach a consensus, according to Tryon, but in the event they cannot, the voting strength is such that Dawson will be the tie-breaker if Tryon and Cook disagree.

McHenry County has 45% of the fall ballots, which is what is used to apportion appointment power.  Lake County has 48%, while Barrington Township has the remaining 7%.

So, what are the Republican leaders looking for?

The law requires the person selected be in the current 52nd state rep. district.

If the person selected does not live in the new district, he or she must be willing to move there should they win the GOP primary next spring.

52nd District map prepared by Elgin-based political consultant Drew Veeneman. Click to enlarge.

The ideal candidate will have a commitment to the Republican Party and “Republican movement,” Tryon told me.

The person must be able to raise money and fund campaigns.

The person must currently hold elective office, have done so in the past or “held community service positions equivalent to having held elective office,” again quoting the McHenry County Republican Chairman.

The person selected must successfully complete a background check.

Demonstration of an adequate knowledge of issues facing Illinois is required, as is the ability to communicate them.

Finally, the leaders seek an ability to work with legislators, community leaders and party officials.

Tryon noted that the new 52nd District in comprised of 60% McHenry County votes, 30% Lake County and the rest in Cook and Kane Counties.  He expects most of the growth in the next ten years to come from outside of McHenry County.

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Tomorrow I’ll reveal name of those who have already made contact, plus one that might. If you would like to make sure you’re name is on the list, email McHenry County Blog.


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