Does “The Shadow McHenry County Sheriff’s Department” Know?

The older crowd will remember the old radio show “The Shadow.”

The signature line was

“The Shadow knows”

Now, a new blog has been sighted by Woodstock Advocate.

The first page to appear on the new blog "Shadow's MCSD."

It’s called “The Shadow MCSD.”

The first post, in hard to read script, reads:

Shadow’s MCSD

Shadow’s Blog

Saturday, June 18, 2011 12:33 PMAnd now the SHADOW has a blog too!!!!!

I’ll be posting some things soon.

SHADOW will never respond to emails.

SHADOW must remain in the shadows.

SHADOW will investigate and post any information that is received at the above email.

Send it to SHADOW.

SHADOW will shed the light.

Read First Electric Newspaper’s article about whistleblower, Deputy Scott Milliman.

SHADOW will add to this story soon.

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