$29,400 for Star 105.5 Radio Ads

Star 105.5 logo.

“Broader brand awareness of MCC” is the goal of $29,400 of advertising on Crystal Lake’s FM radio station.

President Vicky Smith’s memo says it’s part of “My MCC’s” branding campaign.

Fits right into the “influenc[ing] the public perception of the college.”

“Community outreach,” as another part of the memo accurately describes it.

More listenership than WGN, WBBM, WLS and WXRT.

Consent calendar.


$29,400 for Star 105.5 Radio Ads — 5 Comments

  1. as the 65 year old Vicky would say…’spend, spend, spend.’

  2. Cal,
    Am I reading the proposals for spending correctly? It seems Ms. Smith, age 65, is seeking to spend nearly $50,000 on Star 105 ads and also with NPR in Dekalb and other places? With Kishwaukee Community College and NIU in Dekalb, I am sure many will flock from Dekalb County to Crystal Lake for the unique experience.

    What is the enrollment percentage at MCC? Are they having trouble attracting students to enroll or were the radio sales people offering free trips to Vegas to their advertisers that Ms. Bling can take advantage of if the contract goes through?

    If this nonsense is approved by the board, then all hope is lost and despite their promises of being conservatives and focusing on education, they are clearly not concerned about those they represent.

  3. Larry:

    Funny thing about DeKalb. They already are expanding MIT (Kishwaukee College’s nickname — Malta Institute of Technology) and are looking to pass a referendum in the Kish College District for additional building and expansion. Anything outside the MCC District that does not highlight a program unique to the district is an ego run wild.

  4. Gosh…. who is it that isn’t getting the “big picture”, me or President Vicky Smith?

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