More Potential Candidates for GOP Nod in the 33rd Senate District

Yesterday, I speculated on the rumor that Kane County Board Chairman Karen McConnaughay would leave that powerful post and run in the vacant 33rd State Senate District.

As sometimes happens with such articles, more information is offered by those who comment.

Jon Zahm wrote the following:

Chad Koppie is supporting Orville Brettman for State Senate in the 33rd.

Rick Zirk, the Village President of Gilberts and former Village President of South Elgin is considering a run for the 33rd. He is the only person in Illinois history to be electing Mayor of two different communities. Zirk is a former Public Works director and currently works for a major McHenry County company, so he has many contacts in the north end of the district.

Cliff Surges, a twice elected Gilberts board member and owner of a successful insurance business with offices in Gilberts and Chicago is also exploring a run. Surges is the Booster Club President at Jacobs HS in Dundee and has been very involved in Gilberts and East Dundee campaigns and elections over the years. Surges was born and raised in the St. Charles part of the district so he has key contacts there.

McConnaughay can run from her record of crony hiring, pay to play, and big pay raises to favorite staff members, but she cannot hide.

Phil Collins added,

Chad Koppie, a member of the Kane Co. Regional Board of Schools, will probably run for the 33rd State Senate District.

If Chairman McConnaughay runs, statewide, in 2014, I hope that she’ll run for comptroller. Comptroller [Judy Baar] Topinka might decide to retire, since she’ll be 70.

I emailed State Sen. [Chris] Lauzen, and I asked him to run for Congress, in the new 11th District, which won’t have an incumbent. No Republican has announced, in that district, and a Republican can easily win. Most of that district has a republican state senator, including Senators Lauzen, Dillard, and Radogno.

Paul Greenlee weighed in with this comment:

Karen McConnaughay

A number of years ago, I served with Karen on a volunteer project in Kane County, where we heard the appeals from first time offenders for alternative sentencing and made recommendations to the state’s attorney. She is a capable lady, a good person and well thought of by her constituents, as she should be. I look forward to supporting her campaign in whatever she chooses. 


More Potential Candidates for GOP Nod in the 33rd Senate District — 2 Comments

  1. Cal, I have been following the McHenry County Blog for almost a year. I respect your opinions on many issues and agree with you politically on your commitment to promote fiscal responsibility and good government practices.

    My opinion on Ms. McConnaughay after reading numerous articles in the Kane County news and then attending some board meetings concerns me.

    She definitely takes money from contributors that receive no bid contracts for work. She has urged the board to take positions on a gas tax increase, a reversal of video gaming and into accepting the appointments of board members that retire or lose elections into serious transportation appointments like the RTA and Metra.

    She has no less that five taxpayer supported staff that promotes her so that these articles are on the forefront of the internet searches. In fact if you look on you will find numerous “mini” commercials that will allow no public commentary. How can you discuss open government and a willingness to promote communication and then not allow open discussions on topics?

    I think you need to examine her record much more closely so that voters in McHenry County can make an informed decision should she choose to consider running in the 33rd Senate District.

  2. Chad Koppie told me that Orville Brettman told Chad that Orville won’t run. Chad said that Orville said that, if Chad runs, Orville will endorse Chad.

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