Tribune Drives Metra Transparency for On-Time Stats

Metra train crosses Walkup Avenue in Crystal Lake on the way to Woodstock...on time.

A bit ago, the Chicago Tribune ran an article showing that Metra, Chicago’s commuter rail operation’s transparency.

Metra  brags about having over 95% of its trains on time, but some lines are well below that level, the Tribune found.

Fortunately, one of the lines is the not the Union Pacific’s Northwest Line, which serves McHenry County.

That may be a legacy of former Metra Board Chairman Jeff Ladd, who focused on the trains being on schedule with laser-like regularity.

Now, the Tribune in reporting that Metra has put the on-time figures on its web site.

Look for further improvements on the web site, because reporters Richard Wronski and Joe Mahr point out that the statistics are still hard to find.

Without the hint in the article, I would not have found them.

Here’s where to look.

Credit Phil Pagano’s replacement Alex Clifford.

I hope I can credit with better presentation in the near future.


Tribune Drives Metra Transparency for On-Time Stats — 1 Comment

  1. Let me get this straight.

    King Richard II, and his successor King Rahm I, and Chairman Quinn are unable to make the trains run on time? I thought that one of the strengths of the Democratic Party was to make sure the garbage was picked up and that the trains run on time.

    Modern Fascism, Democratic Party style, isn’t what it used to be.

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