Mike McCleary Criminal Charges Dismissed

Mike McCleary

Charges against the second McHenry County State’s Attorney’s Investigator have been dismissed by Rockford Judge Joseph McGraw.

His name is Mike McCleary.

Arguments were made for dismissal by his Rockford attorney Christopher DeRango. You can read the judge’s questions on the motion here.  McGraw said he would have a decision within two weeks during the court hearing last Friday.

McCleary was accused of improperly using his county car, which he used to deliver subpoenas late at night and early in the morning, among other uses.

Ron Salgado

Chief Investigator Ron Salgado previously had his case dismissed by McGraw.

The first week of June, McGraw tossed the charges against Salgado.  They alleged that Salgado cut the sentence of a “nephew” from six to four years.

Friday, it was learned that Assistant Special Prosecutor Thomas McQueen knew before the charges were filed that Phil Hiscock, Chief of the Criminal Division of the State’s Attorney’s Office, made the decision.

How did McQueen know?

Hiscock told him.

This is the second case brought by Special Prosecutors Henry Tonigan and Thomas McQueen that has disintegrated prior to the trial.

Charges against McHenry County State’s Attorney Lou Bianchi and his assistant Joyce Synek without the defense’s having put on a case.

The court order declined to dismiss on the grounds of prosecutorial misconduct.  The Special Prosecutors, both of whom have filed motions to be heard Friday to be relieved of their duties, were given two weeks to file a new, presumably better indictment.

Judge Joseph McGraw's order dismissing the case against Michael McCleary.

The Judge dismissed the case because the Special Prosecutors cited a law that did not exist.


Mike McCleary Criminal Charges Dismissed — 2 Comments

  1. Thankfully these good people are being vindicated. Mike is known to be on call
    24/7 to do his job. A job he does exceptionally well.
    This was nothing more than political garbage. Remember the people that went after Mike, Lou and Ron when it is time to vote. What kind of fools are the tax payers being played for. Wake up voters!!

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