Kent Gaffney Sworn in as State Representative

Kent Gaffney being sworn in in Judge Martin Zopp's Woodstock courtroom.

Lake Barrington resident Kent Gaffney was sworn in as Mark Beaubien’s replacement in Judge Marty Zopp’s Woodstock courtroom this 4th of July morning.

Judge Marty Zopp shakes hands with newly-sworn in State Representative Kent Gaffney.

After the swearing in ceremony, new state representatives have to sign the oath to which they have sworn.

Kent Gaffney signs the oath to which he has sworn.

The former Budget Director for House Minority Leader Tom Cross was surrounded by his wife and two little boys.

A beaming State Rep. Kent Gaffney gets a kiss from his wife, while their boys probably wonder what is going on.

A bevy of local politicians were in the audience.

State Rep. Kent Gaffney gives his first speech.

Here are the politicians I recognize in the audience:

  • State Rep. and McHenry County Party Chairman Mike Tryon, who engineered Gaffney’s appointment
  • State Senator Pam Althoff
  • Woodstock Mayor Brian Sager
  • Algonquin Township Road Commissioner Bob Miller
  • McHenry County Board member Anna May Miller

Cameras were apparently allowed in the sacrosanct courthouse because the photos you see were sent by Robin F. Pendergrast Photography, Inc.


Kent Gaffney Sworn in as State Representative — 5 Comments

  1. Not wasting any time. Wants to suck on the taxpayer’s teat as long as he can.

  2. are these the same Miller’s who are accustomed to court house appearances on weekends and holidays?

  3. How is it that Mike Tryon “engineered”‘ this appointment?

    I believe that there was to be input from three persons, including Bob Cook
    Gene Dawson.

    Perhaps Mike could join Jack Franks and possibly “engineer” some property
    tax relief. Changing the other side of the equation after property values dropped is just more phony leadership. And we do not need an engineer who runs
    the property tax train this way.

  4. Is it not correct that this “resident of Barrington Hills” moved in the day or so before he was sworn in? If he was a Springfield resident why should he be pushed up the line? Are there no candidates from the 52nd who would know the district and have its interests more at heart?

  5. Irene we though you knew lots of people they were taking resumes for couple of weeks , why didnt you have your so call people apply? dont you live in the 52nd? though so, after the fact.

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