Ten Applicants for McHenry County Regional Superintendent of Education Before Word Got Out There Was No Money for Salaries in State Budget

Applicants for appointment as McHenry County Regional Superintendent of Schools.

Here’s the list I received in response to my Freedom of Information request for the names of those who have applied to become the McHenry County Regional Superintendent of Schools.

You may remember when it became clear that Governor Pat Quinn was going to cut state funding substantially for the offices, that newly-elected McHenry County Supt. Joe Williams decided not to take office.

Quinn refused to send the money to pay Asst. Supt. Williams and his retiring boss Gene Goeglein for the twelfth month of the state’s Fiscal Year.

But ten educators find the salary–in the $90,000 range–attractive enough to apply.

And, all are not from McHenry County.

Five come from towns that are all or in part in McHenry County:

  • Karen Behrns, Crystal Lake, is principal at the District 300 Cambridge Lake Charter School
  • Diane Hartman of Lakemoor, who actually took out a petition to run in last year’s election, but did not file it.
  • Kevin Kalous, Algonquin, teachers Physical Education at Cary Jr. High School.
  • Brendan Murphy, McHenry, is listed as a Curriculum Specialist at the Waukegan School District’s Abbott Middle School.
  • David Shepherd of Island Lake teachers Social Studies at Marlowe Middle School in the Huntley School District.

Four people applied who live elsewhere in Illinois:

  • Terence Brown, Rockford
  • Reginald McGee of Freeport is an Assistant High School Principal at Auburn in Rockford.
  • Randall Otto used to be Superintendent and principal at the Orangeville School District in Stephenson County.
  • Roxanne Ferici lives in Chicago and is an Elementary School Principal in Niles Grade School District 71.

The final applicant is Martha Hasselbusch from Parma, Ohio.

Information about the candidates was obtained from TheChampion.org, plus some phone calling.

Without a Regional Superintendent of Education for June, McHenry County officials had to scramble.

County Administrator Peter Austin worked out a deal with the State Board of Education and Lake County Regional Supt. Roycealee Wood to her to sign over 100 GED Certificates.

He has been exploring the possibility of an intergovernmental agreement that would have Wood being able to do whatever is needed for McHenry County teachers and residents.


Ten Applicants for McHenry County Regional Superintendent of Education Before Word Got Out There Was No Money for Salaries in State Budget — 2 Comments

  1. All that prompts the thought, can the Regional Supt positions be consolidated. Maybe combine Lake and McHenry, for example. Extrapolating, eliminate 1/2 the Regional Supt offices statewide.

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