Could Roskam Stun Chicago Democrats by Running in the 8th?

Peter Roskam

From a comment on Capitol Fax Blog:

“Over heard a rumor that Roskam may go for the 8th District instead of the 6th and freeing that district up for Joe Walsh.

“I wonder if there will be another match up?

“I did ask why would Roskam even consider such a move and it actually makes sense. The 8th is close to half his former district, he is a great campaigner, and has the best chance of keeping it Republican. it also keeps Hultgren and Walsh in different districts.”

If Roskam ran in the new 8th, he’d probably win big.

He may be the only Republican who could win there.

400,000 of his current constituents live in the new 8th.

He lots of money and name identification.

And, he has already beaten Tammy Duckworth once.

If he feels strongly enough about Republicans retaining control of the U.S. House, he could make the run. It would pretty much guarantee that the Democrats would not pick up one seat they are counting on.

Randy Hultgren could then run in the 14th District and Joe Walsh in the 6th District. Judy Biggert could very well win the 11.

That’s would be a win-win situation for incumbent House Republicans in Illinois and a big loss for Illinois and national Democrats.

It would also show that Roskam is a real leader. All the other House Republicans would be able to figure that out, positioning him for further advancement in the U.S. House Republican hierarchy.


Could Roskam Stun Chicago Democrats by Running in the 8th? — 3 Comments

  1. Roskam would then be living only a few miles outside the district he serves.

    Related point. Illinois should change its redistricting laws to leave counties, townships, cities, and towns intact as much as possible. The new boundaries are a joke. Illinois, the state with the most units of government in the United States, then cuts up the boundaries of those units government (townships, counties, etc.) into several districts. Crazy. So the local press is forced to cover 3 congressmen, for example. Different residents in the same village may be represented by up to three different state reps. Ridiculous. A complete slap in the face disservice to the taxpayer for the political gain of a political party.

  2. I hope that Reps. Roskam and Walsh will announce their election plans, next week, to help Republicans know who they’ll endorse, in which districts.

    If no incumbent runs, in the 8th Dist., the republican nominee will be Rich Evans, a conservative activist who worked for many candidates, including Eric Wallace, Jim Oberweis, and Kathy Salvi.

  3. My personal favorite about being represented by Roskam was when his office flat out told me that Rep. Roskam wasn’t intellectually capable of having an opinion on any subject other than what he was voting on.

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