Term Limits, Illinois Style

Found this on Illinois Review.

The story is about former Cheers’ and Frasier star Kelsey Grammer’s deciding to shoot the television series “The Boss” in Chicago.

Here’s what caught my attention.  Creator Farhan Safinia comments on the lack of constitutional term limits:

“That’s another fantastic, brilliant thing about this state, it’s just brilliant!

Speaker Mike Madigan with two future felons, Rod Blagojevich and Tony Rezko.

“What if there are angles within the political mechanism here who know that you have to get rid of certain guys, so all that stuff (the downfall of past governors) is sort of orchestrated?

“So you’ve got your own version of term limits, and it’s called jail.

“I mean, where else are you going to find that in your country?

“That’s great as a place to set the show.”



Term Limits, Illinois Style — 2 Comments

  1. Term Limits. Let’t start her in McHenry county. To bad you don’t have a picture of the behind close door, under the table meetings here of Koelher, Munaretto, Jung, Provenzano and Hill.
    They sure have NO room to take about corrupt politics.
    Do they got any land to sell?
    Or gambling machines to bring in?

  2. A question.
    Mayor Tom Kane, in the series ‘Boss’ resembles, both physically and in his imperious manner, city council floor leader in the 50’s and 60’s Thomas Keane, far more than he resembles either of the two mayor Daleys. Is his name just coincidence? Both the flesh and blood Keane and the fictional Kane share great intelligence as well as big streak of nastiness.

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