Indeck Returns

Windmills dwarf a grain elevator.

According to an article in the First Electric Newspaper, a company who tried and failed to get zoning authority to build a natural gas peaker plant near the intersection of Routes 47 and 176 has made itself known to Unit School District 300.

Here’s the paragraph that caught my attention:

“A spokesman at Indeck Energy, Buffalo Grove, confirmed Monday that its Donica Creek windfarm¬† is the only one of three planned for Edgar County that’s completed a critical interconnect study to hook to the grid.¬† The windfarm was supposed to be under construction by now but it isn’t and he was unable to say why.”

Th0se in the area may remember that Indeck lost its McHenry County Board vote, sued McHenry County and lost in court.

Stop the Stacks was the name of the group that found the peaker plant.

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