Joe Walsh Talks of Reaction to Spirited Chris Matthews’ Interview

An email from Joe Walsh about his interview with MCNBC’s Chris Matthews.

The heading by whoever put up this “Hardball” YouTube video is

“Chris Matthews Takes Down Rep. Joe Walsh.”

Here's the lead-in summary for the discussion between Chris Matthews and Joe Walsh.

Watch the video and make your own conclusion.

The give and take is vigorous between Chris Matthews and Joe Walsh.

“This is what you do on your show. You bully people,” Walsh says near the end of the video.

Note the lack of neutralness in the topic title, "Cut, Cap and Deceive," on the left hand side of the screen even when Joe Walsh's is the only image shown.

“We’re not getting anywhere. This is childish,” Matthews replies near the end of the 11-minute video.

“That’s why people don’t come on your show, because it tends to get childish. You don’t let people answer, my friend.”

“But please come back on the show.”

The interchange is good theater.

And Matthews knows Walsh brings viewers to his show.

Here’s the email:


Earlier this week I went on Hardball with Chris Matthews and unlike many of his guests, I stood up to him and refused to back down.

Joe Walsh has just delivered a zinger to which you can see Chris Matthew's reaction.

It’s no suprise that as soon as my interview was over, I received great backlash from the liberal media and Democrats. They know what I’ve been saying about Obama’s failed policies is true and they’re scared to death of an outspoken, freshman Congressman willing to tell it like it is.

Because of this, I’m now one of their main targets. They’d like nothing more than to see me sit silently on the sidelines, and they’re doing all they can to stop me for standing up for our shared conservative, limited government principles.

Which is why I need your help to stand up to the liberal media and the Democrats. Making a contribution to my campaign will show them that momentum is behind fixing our country’s problems and that we’re tired of business-as-usual in Washington.

So will you follow this link right away to make the most generous contribution you can afford towards helping me stand up for our shared conservative values?

Time is of the essence, so please act now. Thank you in advance for your support.


Joe Walsh


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