Off to Wisconsin for the Recall Elections?

Back in 2008 McHenry County Barack Obama fans went to Wisconsin to campaign for him.

It worked.

Now a call has been put out for help from Kenosha County Republicans.

Undoubtedly, Democrats have also asked for help of Illinois residents.

Here’s the pitch, which came via the Republican Assembly of Lake County:

Hello Mr. (Raymond) True,

The logo of the Wisconsin State Senate election committee.

Thank you for allowing me to come to your meeting yesterday. I felt very welcome there, and I was encouraged to see how excited and supportive RALC members are of Scott Walker and our work in the recall elections.The main thing we are doing out of our Kenosha office is identifying who our Republican voters are, reminding them to vote, and offering them absentee ballot applications if they are unable to make it to the polls.

We have a phone bank set up at the office here, and we also have a phone-from-home program available. If anyone is interested in calling from home, they will need login credentials, so if you have them contact me, I can set them up on that. We also have a door-to-door program, so we are looking for volunteers to knock on doors of local Republicans reminding them to vote.

We are definitely interested in having your members volunteer in Kenosha. Our biggest push is on Saturdays, so if you are interested in sending a busload or carload of people, we would be happy to have their help in Kenosha. I think the best dates would be July 30th or August 6th. Do you think your members would be interested in volunteering on one or both of those days? If those dates don’t work, we can certainly organize a different d

I look forward to hearing from you.

Thank you,

Catherine Lambrechts
Field Director, Kenosha GOP Victory Center

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