US House Cuts Its Budget 12.4%

A press release from Congressman Joe Walsh:

Rep. Walsh Statement on Support of Spending Cuts in Funding for Congress

“This bill is an important step in bringing Washington’s spending problem under control.”

WASHINGTON – Today, Rep. Joe Walsh made the following statement following his vote in support of significant cuts in the FY12 Legislative Branch Appropriations bill.

The legislation funds the operations of Congress and represents a cut of $472 million or 12.4 percent from the President’s budget request.

Joe Walsh talks to constituents in a barber shop while ABC is filming him.

“With record deficits and a debt ceiling increase soon upon us, it’s time Congress leads by example and cuts its own budget. That’s why I was proud to vote in support of these cuts to the budgets allotted for each Member of Congress and that of House leadership and congressional committees.”

“I have remained committed to cutting spending across-the-board since I took office in January. I have voted twice already to cut the salaries and expenses account for each Member of Congress by five percent, and I am pleased to once again support further cuts in spending by Congressional offices.”

“Washington has to do more with less.

“I was pleased a number of amendments were adopted such as reducing government printing expenses and limiting the amount a Member may spend for the leasing of a vehicle for government service.

“It’s time we restore trust with the constituents we represent by not taking advantage of the Congressional perks.

“I have elected not to accept the congressional health care plan or any benefit that is not necessary to do my job as a representative.”

“Fiscal responsibility must start in our own backyard first.”

H. Res. 22 and H.R. 1 – which Rep. Walsh supported – both included five percent cuts to the Members’ Representational Allowance (MRA), which is assigned to each Member office for salaries and expenses.

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If Congress works as the Illinois General Assembly, Congress tells the Office of Management and Budget what number to pub in the budget.


US House Cuts Its Budget 12.4% — 1 Comment

  1. Joe Walsh is a Disgrace to our Democracy. He goes around vomiting his Koch Brother and ALEC Platitudes about Lower Taxes on the Wealthy and Fewer Environmental and Wall Street Regulations.

    Only a Fox News Brainwashed Tea Bag would be stupid enough to believe any of these deceptions would actually be good for our Country, Environment or Economy. We must Remove all of the Koch-Whores like Joe Walsh, Scott Walker, Kasich, Scott, Christie Etc.

    ALEC Exposed will show you thier insideous agenda of turning this Democracy into a Plutocrocy with 18th Century Wages, Environmental, Wall Street and Employee Regulations. Get informed then Get involved to stop this Fleecing of America.

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