Storm Closes Joseph’s Market

There were 4 1/2 inches of rain in Crystal Lake on Thursday and Friday.

That’s what a rain gauge on Woodland Drive read.

The drainage area behind the baseball field at the Crystal Lake Park District's Main Beach was flooded almost to capacity after the two-day deluge.

The former marsh behind the baseball field at the Park District’s Main Beach was flooded pretty much to capacity.

Water pretty much covered the triangle near Crystal Lake's Main Beach, as well as covered more of Dole Avenue than the new bike paths.

The triangle park next to Dole Avenue was also flooded.

Joseph's Market was closed for repairs mid-day Saturday.

And the rain was so heavy that Joseph’s Market in the Crystal Lake Plaza was forced to close.

The normally full parking lot at Crystal Lake's most popular grocery store--Joseph's Market--had fire department and service vehicles behind yellow tape Saturday.

One Plaza merchant said that the roof had collapsed, although there was no sign of damage from the parking lot.


Storm Closes Joseph’s Market — 2 Comments

  1. I hope no one was hurt and Joseph’s Market is able to reopen soon.
    The best grocery store in our area by far!

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