A Note from McHenry Grade School District 15 Board Applicant Erik Sivertsen

As you had reported on June 21st, Patrick Miller resigned from the District 15 Board of Education, with a note at the end of his resignation letter asking for the board to consider reappointing him to the vacancy.

The original deadline for resumes to be submitted was July 7th. A meeting was then held on July 12th, to appoint a replacement.

There were 2 people who submitted their resumes to be considered for the vacant position.

I was one of those two along with Mr. Miller.

The board decided to postpone their decision, until tomorrow night, August 2nd at 7:30pm, presumably due to a desire to get more than 2 people to submit their resumes.

They reopened the opportunity for those interested to submit resumes until July 28th.

In a phone call to the district office this past Friday, I was informed that there are a total of 4 people who have submitted their resumes and are being considered to fill this vacancy.

The idea that Mr. Miller might be reappointed to this position is very upsetting.

In his letter of resignation he used the term “oversight”, to explain his failing to submit his statement of economic interests.

Even if you assume that is was an oversight (regardless of the fact that he was sent 3 letters by the County Clerk, and probably reminded as he filed his statement of candidacy, as well as the numerous references to the required filing in Illinois candidate’s guide), a decision to reappoint him to this vacancy would be irresponsible to say the least.

To simply miss 3 letters requesting that you file an important document, should be enough that the board would no longer even consider him for the opening, but it seems that is not the case.

We need several concerned citizens to come out to this meeting and address the board on this issue.

We need to let the board members know that we don’t want Mr. Miller to be on the board if he is unable to respect the citizens of the district to meet the states minimal requirements.

While I am hopeful that I will be appointed to this position, I think the most important point here is that Mr. Miller cannot for the sake of the district be appointed.

If you would be kind enough to pass on this information, that would be great. Thank You for the great service that you do for the citizens of the county in keeping us informed of issues such as this.


Erik Sivertsen

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